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Which kind of catering business is better with brewed beer?

by:Trano     2020-02-27
In recent years, the market of fine-brewed beer has become more and more hot. There are many modes of fine-brewed beer, such as catering, bars, hotels, etc. , and the business mode is very extensive. If brewed beer can be matched with food and beverage, it will get twice the result with half the effort, and the business will become more and more prosperous. Haolu brewed beer equipment manufacturers will give you an analysis of which food and beverage business will be better. I) On December 13, the Haidilao research report released by CITIC Jiantou Securities said that the annual beer sales of 700 stores in Haidilao may reach 4. 3. 2 billion yuan. It can be understood as good catering, with good beer! Hot pot with German wheat beer: fruit aroma combined with yeast aroma, the wine body presents a misty feeling, white and delicate foam, smooth and full taste, fresh entrance; Hot pot with barley beer: imported barley and hops, mellow wine body, low temperature fermentation to make the taste more pure, highlighting the rich layers of wheat fragrance, refreshing. Imagine eating a delicious hot pot and drinking a mellow fine brew. What kind of taste collision is it? Fine brew beer with hot pot is a perfect match. II) Fine-brewed beer barbecue, hundreds of kinds of fine-brewed beer with barbecue can greatly satisfy taste buds, which is also the standard of barbecue shops, and consumers of all ages like it. Whether it is between friends, family, company dinner, think of barbecue, this kind of occasion without brewed beer active atmosphere how to do it? It is no problem to easily sell hundreds of catties or thousands of catties of brewed beer in one night. I believe that with such a matching barbecue shop, what I can earn must be a full bowl. III) Brewed beer hotel, come to the hotel to consume is nothing more than the taste of the hotel's dishes have gone, a few friends small gathering only dishes can be satisfied, it is essential to order some beer, order a glass of brewed beer with delicious side dishes, it is really a perfect match! At present, there are many hotels in the market, and what consumers consume is a differentiation. You not only have delicious food, but also bottled beer in wine, and you also have fine brewing with mellow taste and full flavor of wheat, then you are better than the same hotel. Of course, there are many business models that brewed beer can match, and friends are also needed to dig. These are all the contents that Xiaobian shared with you today, if you want to know more about the brewed beer project, you can leave us a message about your needs, haolu beer equipment will provide you with professional services!
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