Aluminum beverage cans are used for packing beer, soft drinks, craft beer, coffee, tea and new energy drinks etc...

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Why are people now using Aluminum Cans More Often than not?

Why are people now using Aluminum Cans More Often than not?


Sensory research has shown that the world is more complicated than people thought. People who work with senses say that at least half of what we think about food and drink comes from all five of our senses simultaneously.

Even though these findings are interesting, they have real-world value for brand managers. Many exciting things can happen when people think about how food and drinks taste before eating or drinking them. This opens up many possibilities, especially when it comes to packaging.

The Insight into it

The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) paid for research on the sensory science behind custom aluminum cans and other packaging options to better understand how all five senses play a role in how customers experience the flavor of their food. Food Minds, a Chicago-based food, and nutrition consulting group, did both primary research and a review of secondary study sources for this study.

Qualitative experiential research shows that aluminum cans improve the taste experience for people who try a wide range of drinks because of their texture. This is based on academic studies that found that aluminum cans have a lot of different senses.

Because tea in a can is cold and metallic in the mouth and the palm, it is good for you. It gives you a refreshing burst of smoothness. According to the brewery, when you open a can of craft beer, you can smell the hops and barley in the beer. It's "the icy taste of canned soda on your lips and the fizziness that pops against your nose when you take your first sip."

The look and feel of beverage cans send important messages to customers about how they will enjoy drinking them. People who study quantitative attributes and benefits say that a can of my favorite drink is colder and more refreshing than a plastic bottle. People's drinking experiences can be better when they drink a smooth, cold drink. This is undeniable. In addition, the 360-degree brand images on a drink can be visual cues that make it more appealing and make people expect more from it. Almost half of the people say they have tried a new drink because of how the container label and graphics look.

It's also essential to think about how soun affects how much you enjoy a drink. As soon as you open a can, "crackling sounds" are heard. This means that you're about to have a happy, fun time. The can industry is also looking into new can openings that are supposed to send audio signals that make drinking a drink more fun.

At the atomic level, packaging and taste are linked in another way. Sunlight and oxygen have a terrible effect on drinks like milk, fruit juices, and beer, quickly oxidizing. Putting drinks in containers that don't completely block out light or are open to the air can make them taste bad and lose essential nutrients quickly. This is true for both milk and juice. One of the best ways to protect drinks from light and oxygen is to put them in cans.

No matter how you feel about drinking from a can, whether it's because it's cold because it looks and sounds good, or because it has a good taste and smell, aluminum beverage cans are great for people who want to make their products stand out. Metal can manufacturing is represented by the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), which includes the companies that make and sell metal cans and the people who work for them.

Wrapping up

People in the canning industry make about 124 billion cans for food, drinks, and other things in the United States each year. Over 28,000 people work at its factories in 33 states, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa, and the company has a direct economic impact of about $17.8 billion each year. Its members want to make sure that canned foods and drinks are safe, nutritious, and refreshing for people to eat and drink. 

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