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Why did it take 3 years to make a space bucket?

by:Trano     2019-12-11
? ????On December 18, the video of 'TRANO Space Barrel Explosion' was frequently reposted in the industry WeChat group. Afterwards, the party sent a video to clarify that the barrel exploded in the video was not a TRano space barrel. This oolong incident has directly triggered discussions within and outside the industry on the safety of disposable kegs. ????What kind of safety barrel did the space barrel that was invested over 20 million yuan spend three years of hard work developed? ????'The new space bucket functionally subverts the traditional steel and oak barrels, but in fact it is the safety issue that really costs us.' Qiu Diqing, general manager of TRano Holdings Co., Ltd. said. In the three-year research and development period, it took one year for the subverted and innovative functions. It really was the safety issue that really tested us. It took two full years. The safety innovation of the space bucket is that we use double-layer explosion-proof, the first layer is explosion-proof PET, and the second layer is high-barrier PET. When the interior is under pressure, the first layer expands outward, and the explosion-proof layer will directly protect it, which is equivalent to having two layers of barriers to resist the pressure. This will significantly increase the explosion-proof capability of the space barrel and can cope with bumps during transportation. At the same time, in product design, we use large soles and large handles to ensure the safety of users in all directions. In order to test the explosion-proof ability brought by double-layer barriers, we have done various tests in various extreme environments. In high-temperature environments, we simulate the pressure caused by bumps during transportation, drop, squeeze, Collision, simulation of the situation where all barrels will encounter external forces. We do not miss any hidden dangers that may cause security problems. The innovation of the space barrel makes selling barrel beer as easy as selling bottle beer. Compared to traditional stainless steel wine barrels, the space barrel saves storage management, return shipping, cleaning and other links. It does not require food-grade carbon dioxide. It can be used with a small air pump. The cost of using carbon dioxide. Not only that, its shelf life is outstanding. The 360-day long shelf life gives beer an advantage in terminal sales. Wineries will also be limited by many factors when selling. Not only can you directly face bar terminal sales, but also sales to remote areas and a small number of multiple batch sales have become a reality, and you can even sell directly to terminals across the country online.
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