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Why do you see the hope of 'Made in China 2025' in Trano?

by:Trano     2019-12-01
At 6 o'clock in the evening on April 12, the Ubrau Charity Cycling Team finally reached Tower Trano after 3 days and after crossing over 1,400 kilometers. Qiu Diqing, Chairman of Trano Holdings Co., Ltd., Dilin Qiu, General Manager, and Ma Yingying, Marketing Director, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Youbrow and paid their respects to Li Qing, Chairman of Ubrau. Accompanied by Qiu Diqing, the Ubrau cycling team visited the production workshop of Trano. Seeing Trano's highly informative and efficient intelligent workshop, Li Qing expressed shock. Leaving the production workshop, Li Qing came to Trano's showroom. This newly designed exhibition hall carries the latest applications such as Trano's achievements in technology, products, and innovation patents, as well as a full-system wine sales solution with a space barrel as its core. After Li Qing's visit, he highly praised Trano's innovations in product technology and appearance. He believes that, driven by emerging technologies, the Chinese beer industry is ushering in an era of vigorous development. In this context, Trano has grasped Lived the opportunity of technological innovation, stimulated the beer industry to generate new vitality. Li Qing is excited about the further cooperation between Ubra and Trano. He said that based on the relationship between Ubra and Trano based on the long-term strategic partnership between the two sides, the two sides can carry out more dimensions of enterprise cooperation, and continue to work in two directions: strategic coordination and long-term cooperation to achieve multiple aspects of the enterprise. Multi-level synergy
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