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You need to be clear about some tips for maintaining the beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-07
As we all know, beer filling machine is a common filling machine in beer production equipment companies. With the increase of usage frequency, some faults will inevitably occur in this equipment, so do you know how to extend its service life? If you want to extend its service life, you need to do the daily maintenance of the equipment. How much do you know about it? Today, the beer barrel cleaning machine factory will take you to the following. 1. After each use on the same day, clean the connecting pipe of the filling machine in time, especially when replacing the product, use clear water in the pipe three times (Filling outlet water 50 KG) And each time to fill the entire pipeline, after repeated three times, you can enter the pre-packaged state, but the whole barrel of the package should be poured into the reaction tank, re-stirring for 2 minutes before the formal packaging. 2. After the whole filling is completed and stopped, wipe the dust and residual material liquid on the surface of the filling machine with half a thousand towels to avoid corrosion to the filling machine. In addition, wipe the control panel of the beer filling machine with a thousand towels. On the buttons and connecting lines. 3. Regular inspection and maintenance: The starting components such as cylinder, solenoid valve, speed regulation and electrical parts shall be inspected every month. The inspection method can be manually adjusted to check the quality and operation reliability, the cylinder mainly checks whether there is air leakage and sticking phenomenon, and the solenoid valve can be manually forced to act to check whether the electromagnetic coil of IP safety section is burned and the valve is blocked, the electrical part may be checked against the input and output signal indicator lights, such as checking whether the switching components are damaged, whether the lines are disconnected, and whether the output components are working properly. 4. The operator on duty shall inspect the outer skin of the edible oil filling machine line every day, and the equipment manager shall conduct in-depth inspection of the connecting lines and joints of the filling machine every week to prevent the loose joints from affecting the filling accuracy, avoid leakage, short circuit and other safety accidents. 5. Daily factory building and maintenance: whether the motor is running normally, whether the safety environment is normal, and whether the cooling system is abnormal. Whether there is abnormal vibration, abnormal sound, abnormal overheating and discoloration. The above are the five tips for maintaining the beer filling machine introduced by the beer barrel cleaning machine manufacturer. Have you learned the above five methods? I hope that the above content can help everyone. It is recommended that you regularly repair and maintain it, try to extend its service life and improve the production efficiency of the filling machine. : Beer filling machine
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