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10 misperceptions of brewed beer

by:Trano     2020-02-25
We may drink beer every meal every day, but we also misunderstand beer over the years. We have 10 misconceptions about brewed beer, and haolu micro beer equipment manufacturers will summarize them. 01: beer must be cold to be better  Truth: taste different kinds of beer and choose different refrigeration temperatures. For example, lager (Lager)Choose to drink cold 5-7 degrees Celsius, IPA (India pale al)Drink refrigerated 6-8 degrees Celsius, imperial world Tao and strong Al ( Imperial Stouts &Strong Ale)Drink cold storage 8-12 degrees Celsius. 02: drinking fresh-dated beer is better. The truth: Most light beers need to drink fresh-dated beer, such as IPA (India pale al) Beer brewed with very strong hops does not need to be stored for a long time, but beer with dark body or high alcohol content can be stored for a long time, thus producing some new charming flavors, there will be more surprises to taste. 03: canned beer is not good  Truth: cans can prevent outside light from damaging the taste of beer; Can seal can completely prevent oxygen from destroying the flavor of beer; Convenient garbage collection; Light weight, easy to carry. 04: beer is always bitter  Truth: Yes, most of the beers we like are very rich in hops, which makes you feel like tearing your taste. Everyone likes this bitter feeling very much. Then, not all beer is so bitter, like Belgian labique beer (Lambic), Fruity beer (Krieks), Belgian champagne beer (Gueuze) And so on are sour and fruity, with fashionable flavor and fragrance, not too bitter. Bitter taste, not only from the bitter taste of hops, but also from chocolate, roasted malt. Try to find your favorite beer. 05: it is good to always be clear-bodied  Truth: most types of beer are very clear, but in fact they are only filtered too much to make the wine clear, and even the special flavor in beer is filtered out. On the other hand, some beer types determine that its original wine body is not clear, such as yeast wheat beer (Hefeweisse) , Those are the use of yeast fermentation during brewing to make the wine look unclear. 06: there are bubbles on my beer cup to prove that this is a good beer.   Truth: this is a sign to prove that the Cup is not clean. If the whole bubble is attached to the Beer Cup, it is proof that the place is not clean. Clean it up, friends. 07: green glass bottle packaging is good for beer  Truth: Green or clear glass bottle packaging will allow more harmful UV rays to affect the flavor of beer. Brown glass bottles are better packaged, and easy-to-pull cans will be better preserved. 08: beer must be drunk directly after opening the bottle to maintain its original flavor  Truth: to keep the smell and taste of beer to a greater extent, you should pour the beer into the glass for drinking, because this allows you to smell the fragrance of wine and taste the taste of beer more directly. On the other hand, you can also avoid drinking the residual rust smell on the bottle cap card's main glass bottleneck position. 09: beer is not good for your health  Truth: Drinking too much and drinking too much every day is of course not good for your health, but according to the survey, drinking beer in an appropriate amount is better than drinking too much or not drinking at all, and it can control your weight (Especially women) , Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and so on. 10: all brewed beer is very high alcohol and easy to get drunk  Truth: in fact, there are many low-alcohol brewed beers that are very good. Breweries also brew non-alcoholic brewed beer, such as a brewing dog (Nanny State)Alcohol content is only 0. In 5%, brewing dogs also brewed beer with a high alcohol content of 55% in history at that time, which also shows that you will always find a suitable beer regardless of high alcohol content or non-alcoholic brewed beer.
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