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A complete set of beer equipment system

by:Trano     2020-02-28
The configuration of beer equipment determines the quality of brewed beer. What are the components of a complete set of brewed beer equipment? Those who first come into contact with the equipment are confused, small beer equipment manufacturers simply share: Composition of fine beer equipment system: 1. Raw material crushing equipment; 2. Saccharification system; 3. Fermentation system; 4. CIP cleaning system; 5, refrigeration system; 6; Control system; 7, filling system; 8. Wine selling system; 9. Related electrical equipment. Below we will introduce the main system configuration in detail: 1. Saccharification system :(1) The saccharification system is the engine of the whole system and directly determines the productivity. Reasonable selection of the combination form of saccharification system is related to the future production capacity. The liner of saccharification system is made of 304 stainless steel, and there are two kinds of copper and stainless steel. We should choose the liner made of 304 when choosing equipment; (2) Saccharification heating mode: electric heating tube heating, steam jacket heating, and an internal heater; (3)The saccharification system is divided into two organs and two bodies; Three-vessel and two-body; Three organ three body; Four-vessel and four-body; Five organs and five bodies; The common equipment on the market is three-device and two-body equipment. Of course, all good equipment is split, but its relative floor space will be larger, this depends on the actual payment to choose different configurations. Second, the fermentation system :(1) The fermentation tank is mainly used to ferment beer. The tank body is generally made of 304 stainless steel, the inner tube wall is polished by mechanical polishing or electrolytic mirror polishing, and the outer tube wall is insulated by 304 full welding structure, the external surface adopts mirror surface or matte treatment, and the external connection port of the cylinder adopts sanitary quick-opening joint, which is safe and sanitary without dead angle; (2)The specific process of fermentation tank work is: feeding-Saccharification-Filter-Boil (Add hops)-Cyclotron precipitation- The wort is heat exchanged and then pumped into a fermenter for fermentation. Beer fermentation tank storage 12-Fermentation and storage can be mature in 15 days. III. Refrigeration system: 1. Refrigeration unit 2. Alcohol ice water tank 3. Heat preservation pipeline 4. Pipeline circulating pump 5. The main process of the equipment of the butterfly gate system is cooling, that is, the wort, the fermentation broth, the finished beer and the heat that needs to be transferred during the fermentation process. The Wort cooling adopts two-stage plate exchange; Equipment ice water pump. When cooling, tap water is preheated, and refrigerant is used for heat exchange in the second stage. IV. Control system: the control system adopts instrument control, including power control, refrigeration control and fermentation control, which is mainly used for automatic control of the whole system. Can automatically control the temperature of the fermentation tank and the temperature of the ice water tank, and the control accuracy is divided into upper and lower 0. 1 degree Celsius; Intensive, simplified, high degree of automation, easy to operate.
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