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Analysis of four standards for judging a good beer by production equipment companies

by:Trano     2019-12-19
Speaking of drinks such as beer, I think everyone is familiar with it. Especially in the hot summer, beer is favored by consumers. At this time, the sales volume of beer production equipment companies is relatively high, so how much do you know about it? Do you know how to judge a beer is good? Next, follow the beer filling machine manufacturer to learn about the following. 1. Foam beer foam is a complex of isorotone in hops and foaming protein from malt. Excellent hops and malt can brew White, delicate, rich and long-lasting beer foam. Foam at least 3-If it doesn't break for 5 minutes, the bubble will turn into wine. If the wine you get out bubbles quickly, but it is easy to break, or if you tilt the cup and fill it without foam, it only means that the amount of hops is insufficient, or the amount of malt used is too small, or the foaming is only a short foam caused by too much carbon dioxide. For example, the foam is delicate and rich, like cream, so you can't help but want to taste it! 2, feel whether it is white wine, wine or beer, good wine you will not have a headache after drinking, even if you are drunk. Alcohol is the main cause of dizziness after drinking, while the main cause of headache after drinking is the following chemicals: formaldehyde, nitrite, chemical clarification adjuvant, heavy metals and other radioactive substances. The reason why low-cost beer contains these substances is mainly artificial addition to improve the stability of beer (Anti-corrosion)And used for clarification procedures. The above chemicals can cause: dry throat, headache, infertility and even cancer in the next morning. Good beer, you won't have a headache after drinking it. 3, the material beer filling machine manufacturers tell everyone that the pure beer materials are only malt, water, hops, yeast four raw materials, without any addition, for example, German beer, which strictly follows the 1516 'pure beer law', prohibits the addition of any preservatives, clarifiers, rice, starch, etc. Only malt, water, hops and yeast are used as four raw materials, and all anti-corrosion and clarification functions are completed by hops. 4, taste a little bitter---- Relatively speaking, beer with enough hops will taste a little bitter. This bitter taste mainly comes from something called alpha acid in hops, which is a bitter natural substance that is extremely beneficial to health. The health effects of beer, such as anti-cancer, diuresis and detoxification, all come from bitter taste. 'Alpha acid'. If we eat balsam pear in summer, Chinese herbal medicine is generally bitter. Therefore, bitter beer is more beneficial to health, because such beer is brewed with a large number of expensive hops. No ma---- Good beer is rich in foam, but the content of carbon dioxide is not very high, so it tastes softer, does not have such a strong taste, and is not as numb as soda water. With the continuous development of beer, its application field is getting higher and higher, which is favored by consumers and greatly increases the sales volume of beer production equipment companies. I believe that the future development prospect of beer industry will be better and better, I hope that the relevant content shared by the above beer filling machine manufacturers can help everyone, and everyone must study these four criteria. : Beer production equipment company
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