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Analysis on five components of brewing beer with micro beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-26
Speaking of miniature beer equipment, how much do you know about it? Is it not clear? Next, Shandong trano, a beer production equipment factory, will introduce to you the Chen Fen composition of beer brewed by mini beer equipment below. 1. The quality of the water brewed by water is very important, because the water content of beer exceeds 90%, and the water basically used to make beer needs to be clean and free of peculiar smell. Other factors that water needs to consider include its pH and minerals. Good brewing water should be moderately hard and have low to moderate alkalinity. 2. Yeast beer has been brewed for thousands of years. Yeast plays a very important role in the fermentation process. In the brewing process, yeast is a unicellular fungus, breaks down maltose and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. Beer yeast is used in liquid or dry form. Nowadays, many dry yeast varieties are specially made for different beer types. Using dry yeast or liquid yeast has advantages and disadvantages. Dry yeast has a long shelf life. Liquid yeast has more varieties than dry yeast, but its shelf life is short and needs to be handled more carefully. 3, hops beer production equipment factory said hops are used for brewing, beer bitter alphaAcid, α The higher the percentage of acid, the greater the bitter taste of hops, boiling for 60 minutes, because the alpha of hops The resin is not easily soluble in water and must be boiled for at least one hour to release its bitter taste. The percentage of acid in hops is different, the types of hops are different, and the regions are also different. Therefore, to maintain the brewing taste standard, accurate α should be obtained. Acid percentage. In addition to being used to increase the bitter taste of finished beer, hops are added at the end of boiling to give aroma and fragrance. 4. If grain is to be used to make beer, it needs to be ground and crushed first. Small brewery equipment has a method of finely crushing grain. Barley, wheat, corn and so on are selected for grain. 5. Malt extract using malt extract is a convenient way to make beer, which can make the new brewing process faster. Malt extract can be obtained in liquid or dry form, however, attention should be paid to the amount that will affect a given formula, and the index of fermentable sugar in unfermented beer needs to be measured. The above are the five major components of the beer brewing equipment that the beer production equipment factory has summarized for everyone. I believe that after reading the beer equipment, we have a certain understanding, I hope that the above content can help everyone, it is recommended that you regularly repair and maintain it, and try to extend its service life. : Beer production equipment
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