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Application Technology of circulating water treatment

by:Trano     2020-02-29
If the circulating water system is not effectively treated, it will inevitably produce dirt, rust and biological slime caused by the continuous reproduction of microorganisms, which are three common problems, resulting in pipeline blockage: with the increase of energy consumption, the operation of chillers is affected, the refrigeration effect is reduced, the service life of equipment is shortened, and the surrounding environment is affected to varying degrees. The purpose of circulating water quality treatment is to improve the refrigeration effect safely and efficiently. 2, save water and electricity (The condensation temperature is reduced by 1 ℃. Reduce energy consumption of chillers 3- 5%, so the Condenser Heat Exchange effect is good, and keeping the small temperature difference in the best effect can greatly save electricity. ) Water treatment can remove scale and prevent scale formation, improve heat exchange efficiency, thus reducing power consumption. Moreover, water treatment can also reduce sewage discharge, thus improving the utilization rate of circulating water, which can generally save more than 60% of water. 3. Prolong the service life of heat exchange equipment. Water treatment can remove rust and rust to avoid corrosion and damage of equipment. After preventive treatment, the service life of the equipment can be doubled. In the actual use process, our company's existing air conditioning system refrigeration equipment has been used for 20 years, and the chiller and pipeline system are still running with high quality.
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