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Causes and Solutions of drip in beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-10
The beer filling machine sometimes has dripping, which may be related to the usage. The beer filling machine is accompanied by the instruction manual, and the machine is debugged according to the operation instructions of the beer filling machine, generally, the drip can be solved. If the operation error is eliminated, it may be equipment filling. Next, we will introduce the causes and solutions of drip in beer filling machine. Reasons and solutions for dripping of beer filling machine: 1. The reason for dripping of beer filling machine may be that the O-ring in beer filling machine is corroded or seriously worn. This requires us to repair the O-ring. 2. It is also possible that the ball valve in the beer filling head is damaged or lax. At this time, we will check the ball valve inside the filling head. If the ball valve inside the filling head is damaged, we need to replace the ball valve. 3. Observe whether the filling nozzle orifice of the beer filling machine is damaged. For this phenomenon, we need to repair or replace the filling nozzle orifice, the diameter of the orifice cannot be greater than 7. 5mm. After repairing the aperture, gently flatten the surface of the orifice on the sanding paper. 4. If there is liquid leakage at the outlet at the lower end of the piston of the beer filling machine, the cylinder barrel shall be disassembled and the random sealing ring shall be replaced. But this place needs to pay attention to the sealing ring & phi; 65 ×3. 1 acid and alkali resistant sealing ring. The above is the solution to the drip of the beer filling machine. For the drip of the filling machine, it must be handled in time to avoid unnecessary losses! : Beer filling machine
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