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Composition of fine beer production equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-27
Nowadays, China's beer is also developing steadily, the industrial pattern is basically formed, the adjustment of product structure is accelerated, and freshness is one of the essential attributes of beer products, while individuation and diversification are one of the current industry development trends of beer products, the production and supply which adapts to the consumption trend need corresponding supporting miniaturized beer production equipment. In addition, beer in small and micro workshops has developed rapidly, and it is mostly produced by small equipment. The following beer equipment manufacturer haolu beer equipment company will show you the composition of the fine beer production line: the fine beer equipment mainly includes: crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system and refrigeration system, CIP cleaning system, wine selling system, control system, filling system and auxiliary system. I) Crushing System, there are two choices for small-scale refined beer malt pulverizer, one is grinding disc pulverizer, and the other is Roller pulverizer. The roller malt pulverizer is specially designed for the field of brewed beer, and the gap between sticks can be adjusted. It has the advantages of small volume, convenient operation, convenient installation, simple operation, fast crushing speed, complete Bran, improved filtration speed, etc. II) Saccharification system saccharification system is divided into two, three, four and five saccharification equipment to meet the hot brewing beer house customers, small and medium-sized breweries, research institutes and customer groups with different needs. Here we briefly introduce the three-vessel saccharification system the two-body three-vessel saccharification system is composed of saccharification boiling pot, upper and lower combinations of filter hanging sedimentation and saccharification process pipelines, the saccharification boiling pot is a double-layer tank heated by steam or electric heating. The inner Dan is made of food-grade high-quality stainless steel and polished at 0. Below 4UM, firm and durable, rock wool insulation is adopted for inner and outer cylinder interlayer, with good insulation effect, energy saving and environmental protection. Heating main adopts Miller jacket heating, which has a large heating area to ensure sufficient heating capacity and evaporation capacity. Four) The fermentation system provides different types of fermentation tanks with different fermentation technology requirements, including horizontal fermentation tanks, vertical fermentation tanks and superimposed fermentation tanks. The outsourcing methods include red copper, mirror surface, wire drawing board and so on, with reasonable design, there is a negative pressure valve at the top, a dry hop mouth, a roof filling device, a tank body with a sampling valve, a temperature probe, a wine outlet, a mechanical pressure regulating valve, a CIP cleaning device, a drain outlet and manhole fittings. Can also be customized according to customer needs. V) Refrigeration system refrigeration system includes: refrigerator, ice water tank, refrigeration valve, plate heat exchanger and other equipment. The refrigeration system is used to cool the saccharification wort, and the fermentation temperature is controlled. The optimal design of the refrigeration system directly determines the lower energy consumption in the operation of the equipment, haolu beer company is generally equipped with an independent refrigeration system. VI) CIP cleaning system fine beer equipment generally adopts simple CIP cleaning system. Including acid tank, alkali tank, sanitary cleaning pump, electric control system, etc. VII) Control system at present, the two most commonly used methods of brewing beer equipment are: first, only instrument control; II. PLC Siemens control haolu beer equipment company takes you to learn the seven systems of the introduction of the composition of fine beer production equipment again, and master more knowledge of fine beer equipment together, you can pay attention to the official website: http://tranogroup . Com more consultation will be pushed in time.
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