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by:Trano     2020-03-02
In order to satisfy the beer brewery, colleges and universities on the demand of the scientific research and teaching. Our company combined with the advanced international beer production technology, stainless steel processing and production. This set of device configuration is higher and advanced design, performance of a complete set of equipment for pipe, valves, adopt health level between the quick joint link, remove the convenient, quick, equipment configuration complete, advanced performance parameters accurately, flexible operation, security and stability, to simulate large beer of the brewing process of beer production, demonstrate the brewing process, meet the brewery, research institutes and higher in production, scientific research, colleges and institute of technology. This set of equipment can let students experience the big breweries function is complete control of the production process and various varieties of beer production experiment, improve students' awareness of modern beer technology, enhance the students' practical ability, at the same time, the device can also be used for new products, experiment of beer brewery, research new technology of beer. Size l - 100 per batch 2000 l. Also can customize according to special requirements. This system mainly includes: rice, malt crushing system: mill such as sugar system: the combined three two slot saccharifying pot pot ( Mash copper, mash tun, filter tank, boiling pot, rotary selected heavy tank) , it can be used according to the winemaker process and habits, saccharifying system functions each tank can be arbitrary adjustment. Send yeast system: fermentation tank, qing jugs, adding yeast device, etc. System, cooling system, refrigerating machine, etc. A clear ice water tank system: alkali liquor pot, acid tank, sterile water, disinfection, CIP cleaning pump and other related equipment composition, yeast spread cultivation system: card try pot, yeast culture expanding and secondary enlargement cultivates, tertiary expanding variety of forms such as culture, multiple model control system: by Siemens PLC programmable logic controller, complete the saccharification, fermentation system with easy, sake system, refrigeration system, such as pressure control, temperature control, etc. , can achieve automatic control, and can be manual control on the interface, the system is convenient for centralized management, discrete control, reliable please strong, simple interface, open structure, system extensibility is strong, can full production and scientific research. Can also according to customer requirements for special design, the hirer. Filter system: diatomite filtration, membrane filtration, centrifugal filtration sterilization system such as: pasteurized, filling system: such as high speed kill isobaric filling machine etc. The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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