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Craft beer equipment manufacturer - — The function and structure of mash tun

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Mash tun belongs to craft beer saccharification system component part of the equipment ( 1) Role: the main protein decomposition and mashing operation. ( 2) Structure: similar to mash copper. D/H = 2:1, volume wash gargle 77% ~ 82%, and the bottom of the cone Angle is generally less than 120 °. Volume: 1 times larger than the mash copper, filled with coefficient of 0. 7, the heat transfer area is smaller than mash copper. Mash tun is cylindrical body, slightly tapered interlining and curved roof of the container. In order to make the mash in the pot to keep a certain temperature, the domestic design attached to the bottom of the mash tun most jacket, so that the hot water or steam heat preservation, at the same time in order to keep the mash concentration and temperature uniformity. In near the bottom of the pot, rotate paddle agitator, mixer directly driven by motor through vertical turbine reducer rotation, equipped with two discharging valve under a pot, mash respectively to mash copper and filter tank. The lid open two manholes sliding door, a Kong Shuang sliding door, a manhole single sliding door, is both a wait-and-see hole and a manhole. The top of the pot with the exhaust pipe and exhaust pipe root waveform groove, collected along the exhaust pipe wall stay condensed water and then through the condenser pot, the roots also have vent door, according to the need to adjust the degree of opening and closing. Has a cap on the top, to prevent the birds into the flow backward, and the wind and rain under the lid is equipped with a hairdryer. In order to avoid dust kicked up, so the powder tube device under hot and cold water at the same time in the powder to enter, the lid also equipped with a pressure type thermometer and lighting, and is equipped with mash exports. Mash tun material, is stainless steel pot body, inner pot and the pot is copper plate. Mash tun in the form of steam jacket heat, steam jacket heating area is restricted, but internal cleaning more convenient, and it is due to the liquid in the mash tun containing solids, the unfavorable use other heating methods. Steam heating jacket on the pot liquid circulation resistance is small, but cannot use the high pressure steam, because the diameter of the equipment, the greater the access to the same pressure steam jacketed wall resulting in pressure is, the greater the thickness must be increased. In order to avoid too thick jacket, only in the low pressure steam, generally adopted by the pressure of steam jacket heat less than 0. 25MPa。 The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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