Aluminum beverage cans are used for packing beer, soft drinks, craft beer, coffee, tea and new energy drinks etc...

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Custom Textured Finished Aluminum Cans are New Trend in the Market

Custom Textured Finished Aluminum Cans are New Trend in the Market


Packaging beer, coffee, tea, or any soft drink in these custom aluminum cans is best for meeting food market standards.  For soft drinks, coffees, or different beverages, aluminum alloy material is used. You can get different packing materials, but aluminum cans are accurate for the freshness of food. These cans also keep the edible things safe during the delivery and distribution. Furthermore, the food products can be kept safe from harsh weather conditions. High-quality aluminum cans are in big demand in this regard. Companies of beverages order millions of custom aluminum cans with printed logos, designs, and names of the brands. However, this uniqueness of the products attracts its customers and looks adorable. 


Benefits of custom aluminum cans:

The benefits of aluminum can provide packaging that cannot be duplicated by other packaging materials, even if they have some of the same advantages. The food industry has a big demand for custom aluminum cans. These cans are easy to use and are economical in price. Moreover, these custom aluminum cans help small or big businesses grow in the international market. Durable cans make delivery and shipment easy. Custom aluminum cans not only give customers fresh and healthful drinks but also increase strong sales worldwide. Ecofriendly, robust, and economical aluminum cans can boost your brand's visibility.

High demand:

Beverage cans are in high demand because many people drink fizzy and alcoholic beverages. As an environmentally friendly option, aluminum cans are more popular among consumers than glass or plastic bottles for their favorite beverages.

Less expensive:

All kinds of physical characteristics can be taken advantage of when designing and manufacturing aluminum products. It is lighter in weight than most other metals because of its smaller volume. Aluminum bottles, aerosol cans, and other packaging offer great strength, lighter weight, and corrosion resistance.


In addition to being lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum is a strong metal that is also impermeable and impermeable. With its infinite recyclability and no degradation in quality, aluminum is at the very top of the recycling chain. More than two-thirds of all aluminum produced is still in use.

Status of the brand:

Unlike other packaging materials, aluminum's upmarket qualities make it stand out. New brands can be launched, existing brands can be introduced to new markets, and mature brands can be reinvigorated. CCL packaging helps food producers differentiate their brands and maintain long shelf life.

Appeal to the consumer:

At the point of sale, packaging that attracts attention and differentiates from the competition is essential to winning the consumer's trust. CCL Container's aluminium packaging has great shaping and decorative solutions that make premium brands pop on store shelves and motivate people to buy them. These layers are made up of various components, such as:

Locate Your Container's Proper Can Wrap:

A good can make or break your brand, regardless of whether you use pressure-sensitive labels or shrink sleeves. Many more steps must be taken to arrive at the best solution for your tin cans. Blue Label identifies the optimum materials, adhesives, and design considerations for your can wrap to ensure long-term viability and appeal.


Aluminum's appearance and feel give it a high-quality aura that conventional packaging lacks. Premium brands increasingly use aluminum container solutions with unique shapes and eye-popping graphics to attract consumers' attention. Consumers concerned about the environment increasingly prefer products packaged in aluminum because of the metal's excellent recycling properties.


What distinguishes an excellent craft beer label?

Use a pop of color against a white or black background, as Misterio does for its craft beer variety, to ensure that the colors align with the brand's identity.

What kind of printer is required for custom aluminum cans?

Inkjet printers with 1200 dpi print resolution and a 4-color inkjet printhead are usually more than adequate for most sticker designs.

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