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Edible oil filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-28
Edible oil filling machine, as the name implies, is a special filling machine for filling edible oil. Edible oil filling machine edible oil filling machine now generally adopts flowmeter filling method. Edible oil has relatively unique characteristics, and the corresponding requirements for filling machine are relatively strict. Edible oil is relatively expensive, therefore, the precision requirement of the filling machine is relatively high, generally reaching 0. With a precision of 2%, edible oil filling machines are generally equipped with temperature tracking systems to maintain the stability of metering accuracy. From the degree of automation, edible oil is divided into semi-automatic type and full-automatic type. The semi-automatic type has a relatively simple structure. Its main function is filling function and its attached function is relatively small. The full-automatic type is generally assembly line and filling detection, the gland is completed at one time without too much manual operation. At the same time, it can be equipped with labeling machine, coding machine, packing machine and other attached equipment according to its own needs. Different filling machines have different application ranges and industries. The real edible oil filling machines have high technical content. The full automatic filling machines of Nancheng edible oil filling series all adopt German SIEMENS (Siemens) PLC computer, touch screen control, with intelligent protection function. Vacuum drip prevention device ensures that no drip phenomenon occurs in the production process. It is suitable for all kinds of sticky, non-sticky and corrosive liquids, and is widely used for quantitative small package filling, linear filling and electromechanical instrument integrated control in vegetable oil, chemical liquid and daily chemical industry. It is quite simple and quick to change varieties, the design is unique, the performance is superior, and the shape conforms to the International mechanical equipment concept.
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