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Effective measures to solve the problem of uneven filling quantity of pop can filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-14
There will inevitably be some quality problems in the production and manufacturing process of pop can filling machine. In order to ensure that pop can filling machine can play a better role, strict quality control is needed in the whole production and manufacturing process, in fact, under normal circumstances, various problems in pop can filling machines are not caused by product quality problems, but by wrong operation and use methods, for example, the problem of uneven filling quantity that often occurs in the use of pop can filling machines is usually caused by wrong operation and use methods. Effective measures to solve the problem of uneven filling volume of pop can filling machines: at present, there are many products with different filling capacity, output and packaging methods on the market, and the quality of the products is also uneven. If the quality of the purchased pop can filling machine is not off, it will have a great impact on the filling effect. For example, uneven filling volume is a common problem. In the process of using the can filling machine, if there is a similar phenomenon, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. First look at the joint of each part of the filling machine and see if there is any side leakage. If side leakage is found, the joints should be locked again. Then look at whether its piston cylinder has leaked, if this problem, just change a sealing ring. However, if it is not a problem of leakage, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by insufficient filling materials, then it is necessary to add materials. It may also be caused by the speed of suction and pushing, so the solution is to readjust the front and rear valves of the cylinder to achieve a stable state. In addition, the viscosity of the material is also a very important factor, because if this is not uniform, it will also cause uneven filling, so it must be controlled. Can filling machine in the continuous operation of various problems, most of the reasons are due to the operation of the use of non-standard methods caused, for all kinds of problems encountered in the process of using the filling machine, we must find experienced and professional personnel to deal with them, so as to reduce equipment failures and ensure the long-term, reliable and stable operation of the can filling machine!
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