Aluminum beverage cans are used for packing beer, soft drinks, craft beer, coffee, tea and new energy drinks etc...

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How much is the total? Just one order. Don't send it to me five times separately

How much is the total? Just one order. Don't send it to me five times separately


One of the most common ways to drink in the United States is with an aluminum can. Almost every convenience store, fast food joint, and gas station have them. Most of the custom aluminum cans in the world were recycled in 2019. There were 42.7 billion cans recycled.

Recycling aluminum cans saves 92% of the energy it takes to make new aluminum cans. Recycling aluminum cans is good for the environment and people who care about the environment. To make money and help the environment, you can take cans to recycling centers to be turned into money and other things. People who recycle aluminum cans and know how to do it in their area will find this page very useful.

About Recycling of Aluminum Custom Cans

Find a place that takes aluminum cans as the first step if you have a lot of them to recycle. To find out where you can recycle cans in your neighborhood, you might need to research.

Scrap yards in almost every city and state in the United States will take aluminum cans as scrap. If you want to know if your local scrapyard takes cans from the general public, you can call them.

You are shopping for food at a supermarket. Many stores have recycling bins in the store for aluminum cans and other things that can be recycled. Check out the signs when you go to the store to buy your food. They might be advertising these services.

Many states have places where people can drop off aluminum cans and other things that can be recycled. A simple search on the internet for "aluminum collection center" will show if there is one in your area. "Aluminum can recycling near me" is what you should type into Google Maps to find recycling centers close to you.

With regular trash service, aluminum cans can be put in the same bin as your recyclable items. There are better ways to get rid of your cans, but this one isn't the best. It costs money because you don't get the possible money back for your cans when you do it this way. Clean aluminum cans for both you and the environment. If you clean your cans before you bring them to the recycling center, it will be easier for them to separate. This will cut down on odors and bugs.

You can also look for cans that have been thrown away on the side of the road or in public places. Cleanup is suitable for your town. People who want to avoid getting cut by a dirty can should wear gloves or use a tool to grab it.

To get your money back, crush up your cans. If you're going to throw them in your recycling bin, don't break them up. Use cans for things that aren't clean. For example, please don't use them for ashtrays or other dirty things. When ash and food waste get in the way, the recycling process is longer.


Keep cans apart from the rest of your recyclables unless you use single-stream recycling, in which case you can put them all in one bin (at the curb or in public recycling containers). Some people don't like having to clean up after their trash. 

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