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Inside Story of large price gap of home-brewed beer equipment of the same specification

by:Trano     2020-02-28
Horu beer equipment manufacturers have received many customers and compared with other manufacturers when purchasing equipment. Many customers have such doubts and seem to have little difference in equipment, why is your equipment more expensive than some manufacturers? For those who have just come into contact with the brewing industry, the beer equipment is only from the appearance, and the second generation and the third generation are really not much different. However, the thickness of the inner container, the power of the compressor, the winding mode of the pipeline, the material of the steel plate and the pipeline are invisible. It is these invisible parameters that finally determine the value of the equipment. The following haolu editor will take you to see why they look at the same equipment and where are their specific differences? 1. There are many fine brewing equipment in the market, most of the second generation equipment, the thickness of the inner container steel plate is 2. 0mm, some customers think that I don't want to be so thick, just enough, so the price will be much lower. In fact, we also don't want to waste the material and increase the cost. However, the inner container plate is too thin. Under the repeated action of hot and cold wine, the weld is easy to open and leak. There have been too thin plates in the market, causing air leakage and safety problems. This is definitely not alarmist talk. Everyone can inquire about each other, as many insiders know. 2. The power of the compressor is small. In summer, due to the large power consumption, the noise in the refrigeration process of the compressor is too loud, and some manufacturers' equipment uses aluminum tubes. The refrigeration pipelines will rust and even leak in half a year. Everyone in the industry knows that after the liquor is put into the fermenter, the refrigeration power is high. The faster the liquor is lowered to the fermentation temperature, the better the beer taste will be. Some equipment uses copper pipes, but the winding method is his hands. I don't know if he is technical but hard or intentional. Anyway, the tank pipe is not half wrapped, that is, the density is not large enough. In short, there is such a process. As for the subsequent effect, everyone will consider it himself. Then why does this phenomenon occur? Don't other manufacturers understand it? At the end of the day, in order to cater to some customers who are dying to reduce prices, copper pipes are too expensive to save costs. 3. The thickness of the insulation layer is too thin, the use of inferior materials, the insulation effect is poor, after buying it back, wait for the electricity bill. Some manufacturers do this in order to save materials and reduce costs. 4. Some fermenters have no 'manhole' design, so you will ask, what's the use of 'manhole? When the tank is welded, there is no 'manhole', and the welding slag weld inside can't be handled. In the long run, it is easy to leak and open the welding due to the corrosion of the liquor, and you can't see the thickness of the liner. 【Manhole] So is it that the stronger and more durable the equipment is, the more complete and perfect the functions are, and the better the beer produced? An equipment with perfect quality and function is only a necessary condition for brewing a can of fine brewed beer with good color, aroma and taste, rather than a sufficient condition. The more perfect the function of the equipment, the better the auxiliary function is in the process of operation. The selection of raw materials, the control of the brewing process, and the level of the winemaker will affect the taste of the beer. With regard to beer equipment, some contents are not convenient to elaborate here because they involve the technical level. Advise people who want to do a good job in this industry, everyone should compare and inspect more, don't just press the price, no matter what price you press, the manufacturer will never lose money.
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