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Introduction of application scope and product characteristics of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-15
As a large country with a population of 1. 4 billion, Chinese consumers have a huge demand for beer and beverage food. The huge market demand has brought great opportunities for the development of beer and beverage enterprises, at the same time, the development of beer beverage industry has driven the development of beer filling machine industry. Beer filling machine is a mechanical equipment that must be used in the production and processing of liquor, beer, soda water, milk and other liquid beverages, its working principle is to use the pressure difference between the pressure in the liquid storage cylinder and the pressure in the bottle to carry out high-pressure filling, so that beer can be filled into various bottles, so what fields are beer filling machines mainly used in? What product characteristics and performance does beer filling machine have? The application scope and product characteristics of beer filling machine are introduced: 1. High-pressure beer filling machine high-pressure beer filling machine is also called pressure filling machine, and the filling material is filled in an environment higher than atmospheric pressure. At the same time, the high-pressure beer filling machine can also be divided into two types: one is to pour into the bottle by the weight of the liquid itself, and the pressure of the liquid cylinder and the filling bottle is equal. The other is to rely on the liquid pressure difference into the filling bottle, the pressure of the liquid cylinder is higher than the pressure of the filling bottle, usually using this method is a high-speed production line. Application Industry: suitable for filling liquid containing gas, such as soda, beer, carbonated drinks, champagne, etc. 2. Normal pressure beer filling machine normal pressure beer filling machine refers to the filling of canned materials by its own weight under atmospheric pressure. Basically all the full-automatic labeling machines are controlled by PLC, and the filling machine will carry out continuous filling according to the set speed. Application Industry: medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide and other industries! The beer filling machine adopts advanced electrical control system, which is convenient to operate and use, and is equipped with a detection device, which can detect the leakage of the beer filling machine during use, thus effectively avoiding the waste of beer. At present, with the continuous improvement of filling technology, beer filling machines have been increasingly used in various food industries and recognized by many enterprise customers. Beer filling machines not only have good filling precision, but also have high filling efficiency, it has become an indispensable production equipment in the beer and beverage industry!
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