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Introduction of self-brewed beer equipment manufacturers: beer sterilization methods

by:Trano     2020-02-26
Self-brewed beer equipment manufacturers introduce: beer sterilization methods on the market we often drink bottles of beer and filled beer, do you pay attention to their shelf life, usually very long, when the brewery uses beer equipment to brew beer, in order to enable beer to be stably preserved, transported and sold, pasteurization technology is indispensable. Today we will talk about this technology. In order to ensure the biological stability of beer and facilitate long-term preservation, pasteurization is commonly used. Pasteurization was a rapid Sterilization Method discovered by French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur in 1864. This sterilization method is characterized by rapidly killing a large number of microorganisms while retaining most of the flavor. Therefore, this method is widely used in the post-processing of beer and other foods and beverages. The shelf life of beer after Pakistan killing can reach half a year or even longer, and the requirements for transportation conditions will also be reduced. Although it will increase the cost in production, it is more cost-effective to introduce a set of Pakistan killing equipment for a winery with a certain scale. At present, there are many ways of pasteurization, such as pulsed electric field killing, high pressure killing, spray pasteurization machine and instant sterilization machine. At present, spray pasteurization machine and instant sterilization machine are commonly used in the market. Before we understand these two sterilization methods, we need to know the Pasteur sterilization unit (Referred to as the pasteurization unit) The sterilization effect of beer caused by 1min at 60 ℃ is a pasteurization unit, that is, a PU value pasteurization unit value is a temperature logarithmic function value under a certain sterilization time, the formula is as follows PU = z * 1. 393 (t-60)( At the sterilization temperature above 50 ℃, the sterilization time can be shortened by nine tenths for every 7 degrees increase) The smaller the pasteurization unit used, the better the important characteristics of beer will be protected, but the closer to the limit of microbial survival. General production sterilization is generally controlled at 15 ~ The value of 25PU, for example, is controlled at 20PU. If it is at 60℃, it will take 20 minutes according to the definition of Babbitt. Compared with spray pasteurization, instant killing has the advantages of small floor space, low equipment cost, short sterilization time and little influence on the quality of wine. Disadvantages: aseptic Canning must be carried out after sterilization, requirements for Canning comparison Gaoshan donghulu beer equipment company mainly produces and sells brewery equipment, Hotel bar fine beer equipment, purchase equipment training brewing technology, free installation and debugging, quality assurance, for more information about the equipment, please contact ITU: 18678891333 (WeChat synchronization).
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