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Maintenance methods and cleaning tips of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-09
How much do you know about beer filling machines? It is actually a kind of beer production equipment, which is very popular in the beer industry. How much do you know about it? Do you know the maintenance methods of this filling machine? Do you know how to clean it? Next, Shandong trano, a beer barrel cleaning machine factory, will introduce it to you below, hoping to help you. I. Maintenance method 1. Check the position of the mold at each station of the equipment, and adjust the position with deviation. 2. Check the wear environment of the motor synchronous belt, replace and destroy the synchronous belt, and mediate the belt tensioning mechanism to make it moderate. 3, do a good job of cleaning and sanitation of the filling machine, keep the surface of the filling machine clean, often remove the accumulated materials in the filling machine, pay attention to keep the equipment clean. 4. Check whether the sensor probe can be used normally. 5, check the triangular fixture gasket, if there is damage to exchange. 6. Check the fastening environment of each fastening part one by one. If the invention is loose, hold the fastening disposal immediately. 7. Fill the beer filling mechanism and each sliding mechanism with lubricating oil for lubrication. 8. Check the air source pressure and adjust it if there is any change. Second, cleaning skills 1, compressed air or CO2 used for pressurization should be purified, the compressed air sent by the oil-free air compressor should be deodorized, dried or separated by air and water, and the air filter should be cleaned frequently, replace the deodorization filter medium in time to remove the accumulated water in the gas-water separator. CO2 should be purified and dried to ensure that the purity of CO2 reaches. More than 5. 2. Clean the pipes of beer filling machines. All pipes, especially those in direct or indirect contact with beer, should be kept clean. Water should be taken every day, brushed every week and sterilized every time. 3. The filling machine, especially the wine valve and wine tank of the filling machine, should be scrubbed and sterilized. After the wine is finished, each shift should go out of water and add disinfectant to sterilize, every week, the wine valve, wine tank and wine pipe should be scrubbed and sterilized. All parts in contact with beer should not have scale, tartar and miscellaneous bacteria. The filling machine should be isolated from other equipment, the lubricating part of the filling machine and the wine filling part shall prevent cross contamination, and special soapy water or lubricating oil shall be used for the lubrication of the conveyor belt. 4. Keep the environment in the wine room clean and sanitary, and clean and sterilize each shift. The above is the beer barrel cleaning machine Shandong trano for everyone to introduce the beer filling machine maintenance methods and cleaning tips, I believe that after reading the above content for the filling machine has a further understanding, I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone. : Beer filling machine
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