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Maintenance of reverse osmosis equipment

by:Trano     2020-03-01
1. 1 General Maintenance 1. 2 often use neutral detergent to scrub the surface of various equipment and pipe fittings to keep the system clean and clean. 1. 3 After the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems stop running, the RO membrane and UF membrane should be kept moist. 1. 4 when the mechanical filter and activated carbon filter are running, the reading difference between the upper and lower pressure gauges is greater than 0. Backwashing operation at 1Mpa ( It is recommended that the mechanical filter be backwashed once a day, and the activated carbon filter be backwashed once every two to three days)1. 5 When the hardness of the effluent of the ion exchanger appears, the forced regeneration should be carried out in time. 1. 6 always observe the pressure difference between the 5U precision security filter and the water in and out, and clean and replace the filter element in time. 1. 7 clean the raw water tank, flowmeter and salt bucket regularly to keep them clean and sanitary. 1. 8 under the standard conditions, RO performance is removed from the shelf for 10℃, or when RO membrane scaling and fouling obviously occur, RO membrane should be chemically cleaned in time. 1. 9 check whether the indicator light and each electromagnetic radiation are normal every day. 2. 0 maintenance once a year. •All motors are cleaned; •Replace the sealing ring of all water pumps; • Check and maintain all valves to make all valves open and close freely without leakage; •Lubricate all parts that need lubrication; • Clean and disinfect the purified water storage tank and transportation pipeline; •Clean the water injector and activated carbon mesh screen. 2. 1 replace quartz sand once every 3 years. 2. 2 Change activated carbon once a year. 2. 3 Add regenerated resin once a year. 2. 4 Change the RO membrane every two or three years. 2. 5 regularly check all measuring instruments and meters to ensure the correctness and rigor of measurement.
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