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Manufacturers of fine brewing beer equipment--Beer experimental equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-26
In order to meet the needs of beer research and teaching in breweries, institutions of higher learning, etc. Our company combines international advanced beer production technology and selects high-quality stainless steel materials for processing and production. This set of equipment has high configuration and advanced performance design. The pipes and valves between the whole set of equipment are linked by sanitary quick joints, which is convenient and quick to disassemble, comprehensive equipment configuration and accurate performance parameters, flexible operation, safe and stable, able to simulate the brewing process of beer production in large beer enterprises, demonstrate the brewing process, meet the requirements of beer factories, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, technical colleges and technical colleges in production and scientific research. This set of equipment can enable students to experience the fully functional production control process of the brewery and the production experiments of various beer varieties, improve students' understanding of modern beer technology and enhance students' practical ability. At the same time, the equipment can also be used in breweries to develop and experiment new beer varieties and study new beer processes. Scale 100L-per batch-2000L mainly. Can also be customized according to special requirements. This system mainly includes: rice and Malt crushing system: pulverizer and other saccharification, system, system: combined three-pot and two-tank saccharification ( Gelatinization pot, saccharification pot, filter tank, boiling pot, rotary sedimentation tank) , According to the winemaker's process and usage habits, the use function of each tank of the saccharification system can be adjusted arbitrarily. Hair, fermentation, system, system: fermentation tank, sake tank, yeast adding device, etc. Refrigeration, system, system: refrigerator, ice water tank, etc. constitute cleaning, washing system, system: lye tank, acid tank, sterile water tank, disinfection tank, CIP cleaning pump and other related equipment ,, yeast expansion system: card test tank, yeast expansion tank, etc. have various forms such as secondary expansion and tertiary expansion, various models, control, system, system: the Siemens programmable logic controller PLC can easily complete the pressure control and temperature control of saccharification system, fermentation system, sake system, refrigeration system, etc. , which can not only realize automatic control, it can also be manually controlled on the interface. The system is convenient for centralized management and discrete control, with strong reliability, simple operation interface, open structure and strong system expansibility, and can meet the requirements of production and scientific research. It can also be specially designed and customized according to customer's needs. Through, filtration system, system: diatomite filtration, membrane filtration, centrifugal filtration and other sterilization systems: pasteurization, high temperature instant killing and other filling systems: isobaric filling machine and other company websites: tranogroup. COM
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