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Matters needing attention in aseptic filling of beer

by:Trano     2020-02-18
Matters needing attention in aseptic filling of beer. Generally speaking, the following precautions should be paid attention to in the process of aseptic filling of beer: 1. The materials used for aseptic filling of beer generally include metal cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, Composite cans, paper-based composite materials, multi-layer composite soft filling, etc. The contact part between the beer filling machine and the material shall be made of high quality stainless steel conforming to GMP and corrosion resistance, and shall not react with the material. 2, the aseptic filling products, the sterilization of beer is divided into thermal sterilization and cold sterilization. At present, thermal sterilization is mainly used in the market, which is divided into ultra-high temperature sterilization and high temperature short-term sterilization. The cold sterilization method of beer mainly refers to ultraviolet and microwave sterilization. 3. Aseptic filling environment. Beer aseptic filling machines are mainly divided into two categories: open aseptic filling system and closed aseptic filling system. The biggest difference between the two systems is that the closed aseptic filling system has a sterile room. Beer is sterilized, shaped and filled in the sterile room, which can effectively prevent microbial pollution, therefore, the closed aseptic beer filling system has been widely used in the industry. 4. Complete sealing after filling is the last link in the aseptic filling of beer, and it is also a crucial link, which can directly affect the shelf life and storage period of beer. During the operation, on the one hand, it is required to prevent the invasion of microorganisms, gas or water vapor; on the other hand, it is required to ensure that the filling does not overflow and the sealing does not leak. In order to achieve the aseptic filling of beer filling machines, in addition to paying attention to the above four points, it is more important to improve health and safety awareness, strengthen health and safety management, and strictly control the quality.
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