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Methods and skills of correctly installing beer filling machine

by:Trano     2019-12-26
In the hot summer, imagine yourself blowing air conditioning, eating ice cream, drinking beer, how happy this little day is! So when it comes to beer, do you know the correct way to install a beer filling machine? What are the skills? The following small series will take you to understand. As the name implies, the beer filling machine is a special machine for storing beer and belongs to the self-brewed beer equipment. It not only improves the efficiency of beer brewing, but also is more reliable and convenient, greatly enriching people's lives. 1. The beer filling machine should be installed in a dry, ventilated and non-corrosive place with a gap of 10cm around, so as to facilitate the selection of a separate power socket for power supply; 2. Open the top cover of the machine and the heat preservation cover of the water tank, inject clear water into the water tank to a position exceeding 2cm of the copper tube, pay attention to the clean water quality and do not contain impurities, and at the same time pay attention not to splash water on the motor; 3. Install the pressure gauge at the outlet of the carbon dioxide gas cylinder, connect one end of the carbon dioxide hose to the outlet of the pressure gauge, connect one end to the inclined air inlet of the distributor, and fasten it with a hose hoop. For easy installation, the hose can be soaked in hot water for five minutes; 4. Connect one end of the beer hose to the vertical mouth of the distributor, and connect one end to the wine inlet of the filling machine, and fasten it with a hose hoop; 5. Connect the wine pipe outlet of the beer filling machine with the wine pipe inlet at the bottom of the wine column, connect the cooling water outlet of the beer machine with the cooling water inlet at the bottom of the wine column, and fasten it with a hose hoop. 6. Install the wine head on the wine column and fasten it. The above is the method and skill of correctly installing the beer canning machine introduced by Xiaobian. Have you learned it? I hope I can help you. Xiaobian recommends that you strictly follow the steps in the instructions when installing the beer filling machine. Beware of missing the equipment and the equipment cannot be started! : Beer filling machine
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