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Operation and installation skills of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-09
As we all know, most beer production equipment companies will install beer filling machines, which are a very important part of the process of producing beer. How much do you know about them? Do you know how to operate the device? Do you know which installation machines are available? Next, the beer barrel cleaning factory will give you a brief analysis below. First, the use of Operation 1, turn on the power, start cooling, when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, about 2. You can put wine in 5 hours. 2. Connect the distributor to the wine barrel, open the valve of the carbon dioxide cylinder, and adjust the outlet pressure of the carbon dioxide pressure gauge to 0. About 2 MPA, the brewery has the requirements to adjust according to the requirements. 3. After the pressure is adjusted, press the handle of the dispenser, open the faucet and start to put the wine. Please do not drink the first Cup, let the wine rinse the wine tube. 4. When the wine is placed, the cup mouth is inclined to the faucet, and the inner wall of the cup is close to the faucet outlet, so that the beer flows down the cup Wall. When the amount of alcohol reaches about 3/4 of the Cup, the cup is flattened to form a perfect foam, when the amount of foam is not enough, the faucet handle can be pushed back to create foam. 2. Installation skills 1. Open the top cover of the beer filling machine and the heat preservation cover of the water tank, inject clear water into the water tank to a position exceeding 2cm of the copper tube, and pay attention to the requirement that the water quality is clean and shall not contain impurities, also be careful not to splash water on the motor. 2, beer machine should be placed in a flat, ventilated, dry, no heat source, no corrosive gas, surrounded by a gap of more than 10 cm, choose a separate power socket power supply. 3. Connect one end of the beer hose to the vertical mouth of the distributor, and connect one end to the beer machine into the wine inlet, and fasten it with a hose. 4. Install the pressure gauge at the outlet of the carbon dioxide gas cylinder, connect one end of the carbon dioxide hose to the outlet of the pressure gauge, connect one end to the inclined air inlet of the distributor, and fasten it with a hose hoop. For easy installation, the hose can be soaked in hot water for five minutes. 5. Connect the wine pipe outlet of the beer machine with the wine pipe inlet at the bottom of the wine column, connect the cooling water outlet of the beer machine with the cooling water inlet at the bottom of the wine column, and fasten it with a hose hoop. 6. Install the wine head on the wine column and fasten it. To sum up, everyone already knows something about the operation and installation skills of beer filling machines. I hope the above contents can be helpful to everyone, want to know more details and pay more attention to the website dynamics. In addition, it is recommended that you carry out regular maintenance and maintenance to extend its service life. :
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