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Operation process of beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-12
Cleaning and trial line of equipment: Before each brewing, check the operation of the equipment and make sure that it is good before starting production. Make sure the cooling water temperature is between 4C--6C. Cleaning process before using the equipment: Beacon alkaline water cleaning (1.59%-3% 85C) ---- water cleaning ---- hot water cleaning ===== applicable to all equipment cleaning. Formaldehyde (10% 80-85C) solution soaking fermentation tank Preparation of materials: Before brewing ingredients Industrial alcohol 300Kg, edible fire alkali 2 bags (25Kg / bag), 95% industrial alcohol, 5Kg of formaldehyde, 2 large basins (700-800mm), 1 bucket (10L) waterproof flashlight, 3 pairs of gloves (insulated Material), 1 stainless steel fence (fine eye), several woven bags, 1 water pouch, digital display rapid measurement thermometer (non-mercury) 2 beer brewing raw materials, brewing barley (sufficient to buy from the manufacturer), bitter Hops, fragrant hops, yeast 3. Specific operating procedures and precautions for beer equipment 1) Gelatinizer operation process A. Add about 200L of water, heat to 37C, keep warm and start feeding. One needs to strictly control the temperature (soil +1); B. After feeding, stand still for 20min, start heating to 50C, keep warm for 40-45min, and record the time; C. Continue heating to 58C, keep 50-60min, record time; D. Heating to 68C, holding for 40min, recording time; E. Heat to 78C and prepare to enter too bad. 2) Worry-free operation process A. Before entering the masher, the mashed barley malt must be checked to see if the pipe is in the correct position before feeding. B. At the same time of feeding, the saccharification stirring and ploughing must be turned on. After the feeding is completed, the valve is closed. After 15 minutes of precipitation, the filtration starts; Wash and add water to prepare the lees. It takes about 90-120min. C. Control of the pump during filtration, start the internal circulation filtration, and wait for the wort to reach a certain level after visual inspection; D. Open the valve of the previous boiling pot, pay attention to the filtration speed (visual inspection) E. After the first wort has been filtered, add the lees, continue filtering, and add it to the boiling pot. F. At the same time, continue to add 150L of water to the saccharification pot, heat to boiling, wait for the wort cooling equipment and the disinfection and sterilization operation of the yeast tank. 3) Boiling operation process A. Wait until the wort and washing liquid enter the boiling pot and start heating to 105C. B. When the wort is boiling, you must first turn off the heating to stop it from boiling. After adding bitter hops 80g, start heating; for 60min; C. When the boiling time is over, you must first turn off the heating to stop boiling, add 120g of fragrant hops, and heat for 5min to enter the next step. (must (Be sure to stop heating, otherwise it will be severely bubbling) Fourth, beer filling A. Packing with professional stainless steel beer barrel filling machine; B. Stainless steel beer barrels can choose double-layer insulated beer barrels (including all-plastic beer barrels, inner steel outer plastic beer barrels and all-steel beer barrels) or draft beer barrels that match the draft beer machine according to the beer delivery distance and actual needs; C. In order to ensure beer quality and hygiene standards, professional stainless steel beer barrel washing machines must also be equipped.
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