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Quality control and storage points of brewed beer

by:Trano     2020-02-26
Since the popularity of fine-brewed beer around us, many restaurants and bars have started to brew hand-brewed beer with fine-brewed beer equipment, the quality of the brewed beer that everyone cares about is how to control and how to preserve the wine body. Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction today. Clean brewed beer wants to have better quality, it needs to be brewed in a high standard environment without pollution, clean and sanitary, so that brewed beer can be free from pollution. So how to maintain good hygiene? 1. Through cleaning, the cost can be saved and the waste of brewed beer due to pollution destroying the taste can be avoided. If the tank is cleaned, appropriate doses of acidic or alkaline substances can be used for cleaning, and then fully washed; It is also important to use hypochlorite or peracetic acid fungicides at the same time. In order to avoid forgetting the steps, Xiaobian suggested that you can make a check list and operation procedure process, clean and use the check list and operation procedure to implement the process every day. 2. A good sanitary environment can also save the maintenance cost of beer equipment, because clean beer equipment can obviously expose minor problems so that we can find problems immediately and repair them in time; 3, pay attention to health maintenance, will also save manpower. The workload of regular cleaning of beer equipment and environment is much smaller than that of one-time cleaning of thick dust and scum. Because once the impurities dry and agglomerate, it takes a lot of effort to restore the original state again. Preservation as we all know, high temperature will affect the taste and taste of beer, especially brewed beer. If you want to take it home and taste it slowly, then the storage temperature will be paid more attention. It should be kept in a cooler but not very cold place. In general, wine cellars and refrigerators are suitable for storing brewed beer, but do not store them in refrigerators for a long time. It is worth noting that the constant temperature must be maintained! And the storage temperature of brewed beer with different alcohol content is also different :【1] Brewed beer with high alcohol content is suitable for storage at a temperature of 55 F-60F (2. 8℃-15. 5℃)In the environment; 【2] Medium alcohol content of brewed beer is suitable for storage at a temperature of 50 F-55 °f (10℃-12. 8℃)In the environment; 【3] Brewed beer with low alcohol content is suitable for storage at a temperature of 45 F-50f (7. 2℃-10℃)In the environment. What is the most suitable drinking temperature for brewed beer? Different styles of beer should choose different drinking temperatures. Light wine and low alcohol beer are suitable for low temperature, while heavy wine and high alcohol beer are suitable for drinking at slightly higher temperatures. The following are some suitable wine tasting temperatures for reference: 2-4 C: mass market industrial beer 4-7 C: Pearson 7 in Czech and Germany- 10℃: IPA, American light AL, Porter, most world Tao 10- 13 °C: sour beer, British bitter beer, British light 13- 16 °C: barley wine, Belgian strong drinking temperature are you drinking right? If you have any other background messages you want to know, haolu beer will have a professional brewing master to answer for you.
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