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Selection of mechanism for beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-10
In order to ensure a good realization of the functions of each part of the beer filling machine, it is necessary to select a reasonable mechanism for the transmission and conversion of motion. Beer equipment manufacturers carry out the following institutional design for each subsystem of the filling machine: 1. The turntable system of the beer filling machine adopts a grooved wheel mechanism, which can accurately realize intermittent rotary motion and ensure the coordination and cooperation between the mechanisms, it can ensure that the container bottle enters the next station stably, is not easy to dump, and has low failure rate. 2. The sealing and gland system of the beer filling machine adopts a connecting rod mechanism, which has the characteristics of simple and reliable structure, large transmission load, long transmission distance and quick return movement, the overall structure of the filling machine is simple, the working efficiency is high, and the failure is not easy to occur. 3. The clamping and positioning of the beer filling machine adopts a cam mechanism, which can make the follower obtain any expected movement, and has simple and compact structure and convenient design, thus ensuring accurate positioning, in addition, the Inter-mechanism coordination capability is strong, and the clamping cam can be combined with the turntable groove to clamp the container bottle, so that faults such as dumping and detachment from the worktable will not occur during Rotary movement. Although the cam mechanism is a high-pair contact, because the container bottle has a small volume and light weight, the required clamping force is small, and the rotating speed of the filling machine is low. Therefore, if the heat generated during long-term continuous operation is small, the structure is not easy to wear and can work continuously and smoothly for a long time. 4. The filling system of the beer filling machine adopts a cam mechanism, which can ensure stable filling, and the liquid is not easy to pour out of the container bottle, and can be quantitatively filled without problems such as filling or overflow. The above four points are the selection of the beer filling machine mechanism introduced by the beer equipment manufacturer. You can refer to the above contents when configuring the filling machine. I believe it is very helpful to everyone. : Beer filling machine beer equipment manufacturer
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