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Self-brewed beer equipment three-device saccharification system (Lower)

by:Trano     2020-02-26
The previous article shared a two-body three-vessel saccharification tank (Click to view) In this article, haolu brewing beer equipment manufacturers continue to share three-body Three-device saccharification system equipment. Three-Body three-vessel saccharification equipment is commonly used in small and medium-sized breweries. The equipment has various combinations, and the common combinations are as follows: ① saccharification pot, filter tank, boiling/rotary sedimentation tank, ② saccharification/filter tank, boiling Pot rotary settling tank, ③ saccharification boiling pot, filter tank and rotary settling tank. Its main advantages are: ① the daily brewing batch is similar to the combined three-device equipment. (2) the height of the equipment is relatively short, and the floor area is relatively larger. (3) a variety of combination forms can be selected, and can be transformed into four-vessel saccharification in the later period. Its main disadvantages are: ① filtration can only take Suction filtration. (2) the equipment covers a large area and has more investment.
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