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Self-brewed beer practice and production process!

by:Trano     2019-12-18
Beer is a must for this season, so how can the self-brewed beer equipment be better? For Jinan's home-brewed beer practice, let's look at its characteristics together. It has always been our responsibility to let you have a more environmentally friendly home. The following micro beer filling machine manufacturer Shandong trano for everyone to introduce in detail: 1, the malt grinding, skin cracking. 2. Put the malt into the saccharification insulation barrel, add 15 liters of hot water to mix, the target temperature is 66-68 degrees Celsius. Saccharification for one hour. 3. Filter the maltose juice to the cooker, add 5 liters of hot water to mix the malt paste twice, and mix with the sugar juice in front. 4. Boil the sugar juice. After 5 or 40 minutes, add some hops, cook for another 60 minutes, add the remaining hops, and cook for 6 minutes. 6, the sugar juice, rapid water bath to cool to 23 degrees Celsius; Transfer to a fermentation barrel and add yeast; Fermentation 7-14 days. 7, bottling, add a small amount of sugar, and then ferment. After 14 days, store in the refrigerator. Open drink! The production process of fine brewing beer equipment: 1. Barley malt invades in hot water to release maltose and form maltose juice, I . e. malt juice, which is like making tea. 2. Malt juice is separated by filtration on grain residue. 3. The Filtered malt is boiled again and hops are added to flavor the malt. (Like soup) 4. After the malt is cooled, it is put into yeast fermentation. 5. Yeast converts sugar juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation. 6. After the fermentation is completed, the temperature should be controlled and stored for another half month to mature the beer. The above is about Jinan's self-brewed beer practice and the production process of fine brewed beer equipment. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! Our company specializes in producing mini beer filling machines, beer barrel cleaning machines and other beer production equipment. If necessary, please call for advice! ! : Micro beer filling machine
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