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Share the use characteristics of self-brewed beer equipment and brewing raw materials

by:Trano     2020-02-25
Self-brewed beer equipment in the brewing process, its production process is different from the batch production process of the brewery, so its taste is different from other beer production equipment, do you know the use characteristics of this beer equipment? How much do you know about its brewing raw materials? Today, follow Shandong trano, a beer filling machine factory, to learn about it below. First, the use of features 1, the key beer equipment is maltose crushing system software, saccharification, boiling, filtering device; Alcohol system software; Temperature Controller; Refrigeration unit; CIP origin automatic cleaning system software and other system software components. The key to the whole process of alcohol production in beer equipment is ultra-low temperature alcohol production, and the general alcohol production time is 10 days- About 21 days, the alcohol period of the wine is 28 days, so the wine is slow to mellow under the condition of ultra-low temperature, the taste is milder, the aroma is longer, and the foam plastic is more colorful. 2. On-site fine brewing of beer equipment, without any additives, is integrated with unique technology and whole Malt Brewing, thus the taste is purer, the nutrition is richer, and the hygiene is more reliable. The beer filling machine factory tells everyone that the production process of self-brewed beer equipment does not add any additives. Bottled beer cannot be compared with it. It is original beer. Second, brewing raw materials 1. Hops it is an indispensable raw material for self-brewed beer equipment. Hops make beer more refreshing and delicious, it can effectively prolong the shelf life of beer, improve the coolness and aroma of beer, and optimize the formation of beer foam. Under normal circumstances, the larger the hop is, the faster it will dissipate and the higher the alcohol content will be. On the contrary, the smaller the hop is, the slower it will dissipate and the lower the alcohol content will be. The beer barrel cleaning machine factory said that due to different alcohol concentrations, the surface tension of the liquor is different, so the size and retention time of the hops formed by shaking the wine bottle are also different. 2. Maltose is a kind of hard grain, which matures faster than other grains, so it is often selected as the key raw material for brewing wine. According to the whole process of maltose, wheat seed must change the insoluble sediment into soluble glycogen for brewing process. In addition to the usual maltose, crystalline maltose or roasted maltose can also be used as the ingredients of the brewed beer equipment. The use characteristics of self-brewed beer equipment and the relevant contents of brewing raw materials have been explained here. Have you mastered them? I hope the contents introduced by the above beer filling machine factory can help you. If you want to know more details, you can pay more attention to the website dynamics and welcome everyone to visit and purchase at any time.
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