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Small beer equipment: Brief introduction of beer fermentation process

by:Trano     2020-02-27
Brewing process of brewed beer: crushing, saccharification, fermentation, Canning, etc. Haolu beer equipment manufacturer briefly describes the technological process of beer fermentation. (1) Wort treatment wort is removed by thermal coagulants in a rotary sedimentation tank and cooled by a thin plate exchanger, and then removed by diatomite filtration, centrifuge separation or flotation. (2)Yeast addition 0. 5% ~ 1. 0%. (3) In the full tank mode, the temperature of the first few batches of wort is 5 °c, less yeast and a small amount of ventilation. The last batch of wort will add all the yeast. The temperature after the normal ventilation is full. (4) The highest fermentation temperature is 9℃, and the fermentation temperature is maintained to 60%. (5) At the end of the fermentation, when the fermentation degree is about 10% from the final fermentation degree, the temperature rises to 12℃ and the pressure rises to 90kPa. (6) About 6d during the fermentation period, the final fermentation degree is reached, and yeast is excluded on the 7th Day (12 ℃). (7)Cooling in 2 ~ In 3d, reduce the wine temperature-1. 0 degrees Celsius. (8) Carbon dioxide washing, aeration low temperature to maintain 10d, during this period, continue to discharge yeast 2 ~ 3 times, and carbon dioxide washing, and finally inflated to the required carbon dioxide content.
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