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Small beer fermentation tank type equipment

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Fermentation tank is divided into beer equipment fermentation tank, fermentation tank and seeds of the beer equipment manufacturers to introduce the general fermentation tank is more, we today to learn about these two kinds of fermentation tank, respectively. Fermentation tank and seeds cans, they are attached to each raw material ( Medium) Adjust modulation, cooking and cooling equipment, ventilation and aseptic equipment, as well as the mixer and so on. Fermentation tank: undertake product production tasks. Seeds cans: to let bacteria fermentation tank culture want size for the purpose.     Beer fermentation equipment is the most commonly used in the fermentation industry ventilation agitation tank. In addition to the ventilation stirring fermenter, other types of fermentation tank, such as: gas stripping fermentation tank, fermentation tank pressure cycle, with ultrafiltration membrane fermentation tank, etc. Typical fermentation equipment: the seed preparation equipment, main fermentation equipment, auxiliary equipment ( The preparation of sterile air and medium) , fermented liquid pretreatment equipment, equipment for the extraction of crude products, refined products and drying equipment, effluent recycling, utilization and treatment equipment. Want to know other information please go to http://tranogroup. com
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