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Small brewery production equipment have?

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Generally small brewery brewing the brewing equipment mainly has: raw material storage equipment, raw materials for making equipment, wort preparation equipment, beer fermentation, beer filtration equipment, beer storage devices. Small brewery with l - 500 3500 l equipment. 1. Raw material storage devices: malt storage equipment, ventilation equipment, pipe bridge equipment, the temperature and humidity control, weighing measuring equipment and so on. 2. Raw materials for making equipment: malt conveyor, malt crushing equipment, centrifugal dust collector, storage container, automatic measuring electronic scale, etc. 3. Wort preparation equipment: mash copper, mash tun, filter tank, wort boiling pot, sedimentation tank, swirl sedimentation tank, cooler, ice cold water preparation and etc. 4. Beer fermentation equipment: fermentation pool fermentation tank, fermentation temperature control equipment, yeast culture expansion tank, CIP cleaning sterilization equipment, hot caustic prepare equipment, etc. 5. Beer filtration equipment: yeast centrifuge, filter cotton diatomaceous earth filter, convolution filter press, membrane filter machine, beer turbidity meter, deaerated water preparation equipment, high concentrations of rare device, etc. 6. Beer with storage devices: wine storage tank, the temperature control equipment, capacitance measuring device, distribution and alcohol pump and automatic control and metering device, etc. The characteristics of the production of beer equipment, product material USES high quality 304 stainless steel, good quality, to achieve automatic operation, the equipment service life is long, the entire service for you, Make plan, product design, site layout, product manufacturing, product testing, professional installation and debugging, training and after-sales service. ) The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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