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Solutions to common faults of filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-22
Methods to solve common faults of pneumatic liquid quantitative filling machine: 1. How to solve the problem that the filling quantity of pneumatic liquid quantitative filling machine is not allowed? When filling large specifications, the feeding Hopper is insufficient, resulting in unstable liquid level. You can increase the feeding amount or re-close the air valve above the small cylinder to reset the filling time (Lengthen the filling time)Slow down the filling speed to solve. Two: the liquid level of the filling machine is stable, why is the filling quantity inaccurate? There are debris blocking the filling channel, mainly in the hopper entrance or in the filling mouth, check and clean up, three: How can the filling machine leak after it is closed? This kind of failure may be caused by the damage of the filling mouth. You can take out the filling mouth and trim the mouth. After repairing the filling mouth, you can gently flatten the filling mouth on the water mill sandpaper, another possibility is that the sealing ring in the filling head is damaged and the sealing ring needs to be replaced.
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