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Stainless steel beer barrel re-export in the United States

by:Trano     2019-12-12
Do you know the general operation process of re-exporting stainless steel beer kegs to the United States? Let me explain them in detail below. The re-export trade process of stainless steel beer barrels is as follows: 1. One-way shipping: China-third country re-export (according to normal export process, does not affect domestic tax refund) 2. Transit in a third country: change the counter in the transit port + issue the certificate of origin of the third country (bill of lading, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, packing list, etc.). 3. Two-way shipping: transit port-destination port, the destination port is cleared with a set of documents from a third country. Product requirements: cannot have the 'Made in China' logo and cannot be 'imitation brand goods'. Depending on the region, the outer packaging has different requirements. Pure neutral packaging can be used in most European countries, but not exported to Turkey, North America, South America and other countries. (Country of issued C / O) Xia Shengbao International provides triple security for export enterprises that require re-export trade services: 1. Cargo safety: Provide full-time photo monitoring during the re-export process to ensure that the goods are not contaminated or damaged during the transit process; 2. Receiving security: Customers can directly collect payments from guests in the port of destination through their offshore account, or they can entrust us to collect payments on their behalf; 3. Customer safety: Sign a detailed contract before shipment to ensure that the customer's privacy and customer's interests are not harmed, which has legal effects. The above is a summary of the general operation process of the re-export of stainless steel beer kegs in the United States. Everyone has a further understanding, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to learn more, please continue to follow us. .
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