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Use and maintenance of beer production equipment in life

by:Trano     2020-01-04
More and more fresh beer brewed by beer production equipment has entered people's lives. The food it needs to brew is wheat, rice, glutinous rice, sorghum and corn, whether it can produce qualified beer depends on whether it can provide sufficient guarantee for the brewing process. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and post-maintenance of beer equipment. After the beer production equipment is used for a long time, what maintenance needs to be done to ensure the normal operation of the work, the quality is reliable, let us understand. 1. It is necessary to carry out correct and timely cleaning of beer production equipment, and carry out disinfection and sterilization operations. The cleaning is convenient and thorough, without residue, and the brewing quality is guaranteed; 2. The welding precision of beer production equipment reaches the sanitary standard. All stainless steel materials are used with Wort, beer, cleaning agent, pipes, pipe fittings and valves to ensure the hygiene and health of the products; 3. The automatic can washer can be used to clean the tank body in the beer production equipment. If the beer production equipment is dirty, the mechanical can washer can be used for cleaning, while the spray ball can washer can be used for cleaning, its cleaning fluid flow is lower. With the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, beer production equipment is becoming more and more popular among people, appearing in hotels, bars, hotpot restaurants, restaurants, etc. If you also need a beer production equipment, welcome to Shandong trano. Shandong trano continuously develops new products that meet the market according to customer needs, and can customize individual equipment according to customer containers, truly realize on-demand customization. : Beer production equipment
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