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Wenzhou reasonable price to buy - plane labeling machine Hebei automatic labeling machine

by:Trano     2020-03-04
136 professional supply plane labeling machine packaging machinery co. , LTD. , located in, in 2011 - 08 - 17, since its establishment has been working on flat labeling machine production and sales business. The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel, fully meet the needs of enterprises for product, for clients to supply a good flat labeling machine on the market. Performance and features: when is mainly suitable for PET bottle, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal marking; Widely used in food and beverage, grain and oil, medicine, cosmetic, chemical and other industries, greatly improve the productivity and quality of label. Brand SL - 130 semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is suitable for the little and great variety of round bottle labeling of containers, code, such as: glass bottle, plastic bottles, tins and the first class. Imported electromagnetic clutch, high precision aluminum anodization, longer life. through the name factory motor can satisfy large load, long time operation, a. all parts and standard parts adopt stainless steel material refined PLC control panel, liquid crystal display more fashionable import inspection standard optical coupling, ensure high precision accuracy models SL - technical parameters 130 AC200V power supply voltage/frequency 50 hz power 150 w label size (120 W) ×300( L) mm; Minimum 10 ( W) ×30( L) mm; ; ; Round bottle size: 125 mm Φ, minimum: Φ 20 mm, the label size Φ Φ inside diameter of 75 mm diameter 300 mm inner core dimension 45 kg net weight (580 * 680 * 860 mm Contain code printer) The company product quality is stable, supply a full inventory, reasonable price concessions, delivery timely delivery. If order the plane of the labeling machine, the company will be in 5 - The payment for goods within 7 days of shipment, you can pay through the online payment. We will also provide after-sales service. My company solemnly promise to you: guarantee with good product quality, with the populist allows users to accept price, let a person satisfied with the after-sale service of praise, to acknowledge the new and old customers. Face up to challenges, strengthen confidence, create brilliant. In successfully replace the traditional manufacturing industry at the same time, to satisfy the modern production efficiency, high stability and reliability of subtle processing requirements. Has become a famous plane labeling machine manufacturing enterprises, the supply of flat labeling machine by the general enterprise's consistent high praise, the product has good performance in labelling. Packaging machinery co. , LTD is located in, has been focused on a flat labeling machine production and research and development of the company, product quality and service are satisfied by many enterprises. Our efforts to improve the quality of after-sales service, improving customer satisfaction. If you want to choose the excellent flat labeling machine, welcome to come to consult, we have related professionals to introduce our products to you. If you need to know about hebei automatic labeling machine, chongqing automatic labeling machine, fully automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine for more information, please call for enquiry, we have professional staff to answer for you
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