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What are the advantages of beer barrel cleaning machine?

by:Trano     2020-01-09
Beer barrel cleaning machine is a very practical beer barrel cleaning equipment. It can complete the cleaning work of beer barrel cleaning machine with only a few people, and has good cleaning effect and fast speed, can save the investment of the enterprise. What are the advantages of using beer barrel cleaning machine? Advantages of using beer barrel cleaning machine: 1. Simple operation: only 1--2 people; 2, the effect is good: can be used directly after cleaning; 3, beautiful appearance covers an area of 7 square meters (2. 2mX2mX3. 5 m); 4. High efficiency: it only takes 30 minutes to clean 100 plastic barrels each time; 5. Cost saving: 2000 of Flake alkali can clean plastic barrels; The beer barrel cleaning machine can reuse the beer barrel, thus reducing the product cost. The outer surface of the beer barrel cleaning machine is treated with anti-corrosion treatment and can be used in occasions with harsh working conditions and corrosive gases. Beer barrel cleaning machine has strong practicability, high cleaning quality, stable operation, simple and convenient operation, and has been welcomed by many beer production enterprises. : Beer barrel cleaning machine
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