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What are the basic requirements and working principles of beer filling machines?

by:Trano     2020-01-08
What are the basic requirements and working principles of beer filling machines? There may be many friends who are not very clear about this problem. In this chapter, we will focus on this issue and hope that our commentary can help friends. Light industry standards: 1)Qualified rate of liquid level accuracy (Liquid level difference is not greater than ±6mm) The capacity at the lowest liquid level shall reach 98 of the nominal capacity. 5% or more. 2)The loss rate of beer is not more than 0. 6%. 3) Filling and increasing oxygen: not more than 0 when vacuuming at one time. 15 mg/L, not more than 0. 04 mg/L. 4)Bottleneck air volume is not more than 2 mL. The filling machine is developed around the filling process, and its working principle is: the clean bottle from the bottle washer is fed into the bottle feeding screw of the filling machine by the bottle feeding belt, the bottle-feeding star wheel is sent to the bottle-holding cylinder of the turret and raised. The bottle mouth is tightly pressed under the guidance of the centering device to form a seal. After the bottle is vacuumed, the back pressure gas in the liquid storage cylinder (CO ,) When the gas pressure in the bottle is equal to the gas pressure in the liquid storage cylinder, the liquid valve is opened under the action of the liquid valve spring. At this time, the beer is guided by the umbrella-shaped reflex ring on the return pipe. It is automatically poured into the glass bottle along the bottle wall, and the CO in the glass bottle is replaced back into the liquid storage tank through the return pipe. When the liquor rises to a certain height and the return trachea is closed. Automatically stop drinking. Then the liquid valve and the air valve are closed, and the pressure gas at the bottleneck part is discharged to prevent the gushing of the gas liquor when the glass bottle drops, thus completing the whole filling process. In this chapter, the manufacturer of beer filling machine will talk to friends first. If friends have other questions, welcome to our official search for answers. If you are interested in our equipment, we also hope that you can come to the factory to inspect the work. : Beer production equipment
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