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What are the production processes of beer production equipment?

by:Trano     2019-12-14
Beer production equipment is mainly used for brewing beer and is a well-known brewing equipment. Next, trano packaging will introduce you to the benefits of beer and the production process of beer production equipment. Beer contains sugar, protein, 10 vitamins and 17 essential amino acids, which are nutritious. 'Liquid Bread'. A litre of beer is equivalent to six eggs and half a litre of milk. Beer contains a large number of ingredients beneficial to human health, and moderate drinking is beneficial and harmless to human health. Then the benefits of beer can be divided into the following points: 1. Refreshing thirst. Beer brewed by fine brewing equipment can stimulate taste to secrete saliva to quench thirst. In addition, beer has a high water content (More than 90%)Drink it to clear the fire and moisten the throat. A glass of beer in summer is like a cool and refreshing head, and it feels beautiful. 2. Refreshing. CO2 and organic acids in beer brewed by fine brewing equipment have fresh and refreshing effects. Moderate drinking can reduce excessive excitement and tension, and can promote muscle relaxation. 3. Help digestion. The main raw materials for beer production by beer brewing equipment are barley, alcohols, hops and polyphenols, which can enhance gastric juice secretion, promote gastric peristalsis and improve digestion and absorption capacity. 4. Metabolism. Low content of sodium, alcohol and nucleic acid in beer can increase the supply of brain blood, expand coronary arteries and accelerate the metabolic activities of human body. 5. Vitamin supplements. Beer contains a large amount of vitamin B, especially vitamin B12 and vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Vitamin B12 has certain benefits in resisting anemia and regulating the metabolic mechanism of brain central nervous system; Vitamin B2 also plays an important role in protecting vision and resisting oral cheilitis. 6. Disease prevention. According to tests conducted by Imperial Medical Center in Auckland, California, USA, people who drink moderate beer can reduce the chances of heart disease and ulcer compared with alcoholics and alcoholics, but also can prevent hypertension and other diseases. The production process of beer production equipment mainly includes saccharification process, filtration process, fermentation process and sterilization process. 1. Saccharification process. Potato, cereal and wild plant raw materials are cooked under pressure, and starch is gelatinized into a dissolved state, but it still cannot be directly decomposed by yeast and fermented to produce alcohol. Therefore, a certain amount of saccharifying agent must be added to the gelatinized mash after cooking before fermentation to turn the dissolved starch into saccharides that can be fermented by yeast, such a process of conversion from starch to sugar is called saccharification. Saccharification is a process of amylase or acid hydrolysis, which saccharifies starch into fermentable sugar. In addition, malt and Koji are commonly used saccharifying agents in alcohol production. Koji is widely used as saccharifying agent in China. 2. Filtration process. In ancient times, the filtration technology of wine was not mature, and the wine was turbid, called'Liquor'Or'Turbid wine'. At present, wine filters with high filtration accuracy and efficiency have been successively developed and applied at home and abroad, which has effectively promoted the development of the wine industry. The popularization and application of wine filters make beer, wine and yellow wine transparent, clear and stable, and improve the appearance of finished wine. This not only reflects the high quality of wine, but also induces consumers' desire to drink. 3. Fermentation process. Glucose is hydrolyzed under the action of wine enzyme to produce ethanol and form fermentation broth. Moreover, in the fermentation process of wine, a wide variety of microorganisms and fragrance substances will be produced in the cellar, and they will slowly penetrate into the cellar and become rich natural fragrance sources. The longer the age of the cellar, the more microorganisms and aroma substances, the stronger the bouquet; However, the newly-born cellar has few and unbalanced microorganisms and unstable factors in metabolism, so the brewed cocktail party has a heavy New mud flavor. Because the old mud cellar has been used for a long time, it is beneficial to the continuous purification and enrichment of microorganisms, and the wine produced is getting better and more fragrant, so the longer the cellar is used, the better the wine produced. 4. Sterilization process. Brewing wine is a kind of food brewed from grains, fruits and so on. It has very rich nutrients and contains amino acids, proteins, vitamins and oligosaccharides beneficial to human body. However, in the process of wine production and processing, it is inevitable that there will be Miscellaneous bacteria in the air and containers, and the wine itself also produces a large number of yeast, enzyme bacteria, etc. in the fermentation process, in order to enhance the aroma of brewed wine and ensure that the liquor is stored for a long time without deterioration, the key is to do a good job of sterilization. There are many sterilization methods, such as ultraviolet sterilization, high temperature sterilization, Ozone Sterilization, Membrane Filtration Sterilization, etc. At present, domestic yellow wine enterprises usually adopt high temperature sterilization method, which has low cost, simple operation and good sterilization effect. Although several other methods can also achieve the purpose of sterilization, the cost is relatively high, and some methods will also affect the taste of wine and the unique flavor of yellow wine. With the indispensability of beer in people's life, we believe that the development prospect of beer production equipment in the future is considerable! : Beer production equipment
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