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What inspections should be done before running mineral water equipment? -Industry News-Mineral water-Pure water equipment-Bottled water-Beer filling

by:Trano     2020-02-28
In recent years, ultrafiltration technology has been applied more and more widely in various fields of society, and mineral water equipment is exactly the technology applied, so mineral water equipment has become the object of warm pursuit, however, before using mineral water equipment, users must fully understand the performance and characteristics of the equipment to ensure higher effluent quality and longer service life, the following small editor will show you what inspections need to be carried out before the mineral water equipment runs. 1 Water quality inspection, water quality inspection, the focus is to check the turbidity, when the turbidity is within the scope of the ultrafiltration membrane assembly water requirements, it can be input into the mineral water equipment, followed by other water quality indicators. 2 System inspection according to the process, check whether each equipment in the system is installed correctly, whether the pipeline connection is correct, and whether the valve is opened normally. Special attention should be paid to the manually operated system. When starting up, the water valve should be half-opened, and the concentrated water valve and the water production valve should be fully opened to avoid the sudden increase of instantaneous pressure and water intake, which will impact the ultrafiltration membrane. In the case of confirming that the equipment is installed correctly and the state of the pipeline and the valve is normal, the system can be started. The contents of the inspection that need to be carried out before the operation of the mineral water equipment are introduced to you today. I hope you can get help after reading. If you want to ensure the longer and more stable operation of the equipment and get higher effluent quality, you must know how to clean the mineral water equipment.
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