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What is the correct way to use the liquid filling machine?

by:Trano     2019-12-22
What is the correct way to use the liquid filling machine? Do you understand this problem? Today, the beer filling machine manufacturer came to tell you about this problem. Liquid filling machine is an automatic quantitative liquid packing machine designed with electric, crank and piston structure, which is the most mature technology in China. It is suitable for food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware and other industries. In addition, it is especially suitable for liquid packaging in large, medium and small pesticide plants. It is an ideal small filling equipment. Now we all know the purpose of liquid filling machine, but do we know that if we use it, it is the right specification? The following are some basic rules for using liquid filling machines, please refer to them! 1. When using a liquid filling machine, the machine should be placed on a flat ground or a flat table without tilting the machine body; 2. Before starting up, carefully check whether there are sundries in all liquid storage tanks, conveyor belts and storage cover tracks, and whether the chain plate rotates normally; 3. Plug the filling machine into the 220v power supply, and check whether the safety function is normal, whether the three sources of water, electricity and steam are connected, and there should be no abnormal vibration or noise. The machine must not be adjusted during operation; 4. After the conditions of the liquid filling machine are ready and the operation is stable, put the raw material barrel and the container to be filled to open the power switch of the equipment; 5. The inlet pipe and bottle filling interface of the liquid filling machine pump must be filled with liquid; 6. Set the liquid filling machine switch--Work--'Pump 1'Or'Pump 2'Switch--Open; 7. Adjust the value of filling and interval time according to the liquid quantity of the liquid filling machine; 8. When the liquid filling machine is running, do not let tools or other objects approach and someone must monitor it; 9. All personnel using the machine are strictly prohibited from wearing clothes that may be hung by moving parts (Such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc)If you have long hair, you should wear a hair cover; 11. Prohibit personnel unrelated to operation and maintenance from approaching the liquid filling machine to prevent work-related injuries; 10. When stopping using the machine, press the stop button at the filling place or the control box of the machine, and turn off the main power supply of the control cabinet after stopping the machine. Turn off the liquid filling machine switch and cut off the power when not working; 11. After use, the liquid filling machine must be kept dry and sanitary. It is forbidden to clean the electrical unit with water and other liquids. Wear overalls, gloves, glasses, etc. when cleaning to prevent strong acid and alkali corrosion. Today we will talk about this first. Shandong trano is a professional manufacturer of beer filling machines, liquid filling machines and other equipment. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact trano, trano is looking forward to your call! :
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