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What is the production process of beer?

by:Trano     2020-01-04
Beer is very common in daily life, especially in hot summer. Do you know the beer production process? The following micro beer filling machine manufacturer Shandong trano introduces the production process of beer: first, malt manufacturing, raw material crushing: the malt and rice are crushed by the crusher to the degree of crushing suitable for saccharification operation. Second, brewing saccharification: the crushed malt and starch auxiliary materials are mixed with warm water in a gelatinization pot and a saccharification pot respectively to adjust the temperature. Post-fermentation: in order to make the tender beer mature, it is sent into the wine storage tank or continues to be cooled to about 0 °c in the cylindrical cone bottom fermentation tank, and the pressure in the tank is adjusted to dissolve CO2 into the beer. The wine storage period needs 1 ~ February, mellow taste, suitable for drinking. Filtration: in order to make beer clear and transparent, beer is in-Clear filtration at 1 °c. Third, filling, filling is the last process of beer production, which has a direct impact on maintaining the quality of beer and giving the appearance of beer. The filled beer should meet the hygiene standards, minimize CO2 loss and reduce the air content sealed in the container. Barrel: The barrel is made of aluminum or stainless steel. Barrel Beer is generally fresh beer without pasteurization. Fresh beer tastes good, low cost, but the shelf life is not long, suitable for local sales. Bottled: in order to maintain the quality of beer and reduce the influence of ultraviolet rays, brown or dark green glass bottles are generally used. Empty bottle by dip-bottle of slot (Lye 2 ~ 5% 40 ~ 70 ° C) Soak, then wash with a bottle washer, then fill the beer with a filling machine, and press the cap on the cap. The above is the beer production process introduced by Shandong trano, a micro beer filling machine manufacturer. I believe everyone will know how beer is produced after reading it. Please pay attention to trano's official website for more wonderful information. http://www . Bgmachinery. Com /:
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