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What is wrong with the inaccurate filling quantity of beer filling machine?

by:Trano     2020-02-16
With the increasing demand for beer, the sales of beer filling machines have soared in recent years. However, some customers have reported that the filling quantity of beer filling machines is sometimes inaccurate in the process of use, so what is the wrong filling volume of beer filling machine? The possible reasons for the inaccurate filling quantity of beer filling machine are: 1. The air pressure is unstable and the air pressure is not adjusted properly. 2. The sealing ring of the piston cylinder is broken, resulting in poor sealing, the accuracy is not high 3. It is also related to the liquid level pressure of the material. If the filling quantity of a beer filling machine is not accurate, it will affect the efficiency of beer filling, this is why we must accurately fill the beer filling machine, so the filling machine is not allowed to find out the reason in time and find out the measures to solve the problem!
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