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What should be paid attention to when brewing with self-brewed beer equipment

by:Trano     2019-12-19
Nowadays, home-brewed beer equipment is becoming more and more common in daily life and is deeply favored and loved by customers. In fact, beer brewing through this beer equipment can brew the beer you want, including high-alcohol beer. So how much do you know about it? Do you know what to pay attention to when brewing with this beer equipment? Next, the beer filling machine factory will introduce it to you below, hoping to help you. The fermenter mixes wort and yeast together and needs 100 airtight. In this part of the process, at least two containers are needed to pump beer from one container into two containers. In the fermentation process, when yeast decomposes sugar in wort, there are two by-products, alcohol and carbon dioxide. As carbon dioxide accumulates in the fermentation container, a method of releasing gas is needed, do not allow external air to enter the container, the air lock functions and is firmly installed at the top, and the air lock allows the accumulated gas to escape. The beer filling machine factory reminds everyone that the proportion in beer is very important. The proportion is the ratio of the density of the substance to the density of the reference substance. The fermented beer and the reference substance are water. The percentage of alcohol in the product can be determined. When starting this process, the density of the liquid will be higher, closer to the density of ordinary water. Because the yeast in the fermentation container consumes the sugar in the malt and converts the liquid into alcohol, the specific gravity in the container decreases and the density of alcohol is much higher than that of water. Once gravity stops falling, yeast completes the task. Hydrometer is a device for measuring the specific gravity of beer. By measuring the gravity in the container and subtracting it from the original gravity of brewing, the percentage of alcohol contained in the product can be determined. The hydrometer has an old-fashioned thermometer, which needs to be continuously measured during the fermentation process. To extract liquid from one fermentation container to another, a siphon pipe needs to be connected. Siphon sucks away the solution, dead yeast will precipitate at the bottom of the container, and the liquid needs to be removed from the container. There are other factors that affect the quality and characteristics of beer. Temperature is one of the important factors. Beer brewing needs to be carried out under temperature control. Keeping the setting is crucial to the success of the project. For beer setting, the constant temperature is between 23 degrees. Outside this temperature range, yeast may die, for beer, a lower temperature is required for fermentation. To sum up, the beer filling machine factory has finished the contents that need to be paid attention to when brewing with self-brewed beer equipment, I believe that after reading the above content, you have a certain understanding of the beer production equipment. I hope that the above content can help everyone. It is recommended that you regularly repair and maintain it to extend its service life. : Beer production equipment
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