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With the specifications of the brewed beer equipment price gap big insider

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Hao lu beer equipment manufacturer received a lot of customers, is when the choose and buy equipment, and other manufacturers to do the contrast, many clients have such doubt, look so little difference between equipment, why should your equipment more expensive than some manufacturer? For new to craft industry, beer equipment only look from the exterior, the second generation and three generations. But the thickness of the tank, the compressor power, pipe winding way, the material of steel plate and pipe are invisible. It is these invisible parameters, to decide the value of the equipment. Hao lu below small make up take you to look at why looking at almost the equipment, their difference in where? 1. Craft equipment on the market a lot, most of the second generation of equipment, thickness of steel plate of the tank are in 2. 0 mm, the customer thinks, I don't be so thick, just good enough, so the price will be lower. Actually, we don't want to waste material, increase the cost, but the tank plate, thin in fresh hot cold blow, again and again, the weld is easily open flat welding heat bilges cold shrink. Ever seen plate thin on the market, caused the air leakage and safety issues, it is not true, you can ask each other, people know that a lot of the same industry. 2. Smaller compressor power, in the summer, because of the large power consumption in the process of the compressor refrigeration noise is too big, and some manufacturers of equipment use is aluminum tube, cooling line half a year time will rust, even a flat. Inline knows, wine after fermentation tank, refrigeration power, the more rapid the wine juice of fermentation temperature, and beer taste relatively will be better. Some equipment with copper pipe is not false, but he did a winding way, I also don't know that he is technology is not high or deliberately, anyway, half line is not bound of tank, is the density is not big enough, in short, there are so procedure, as for the subsequent effect, that everyone should consider. Isn't that why will appear this kind of phenomenon, other manufacturers manufacturers don't understand? Said, in order to cater to some siming interacting, the customer, the brass is too expensive, in order to save cost. 3. Insulation layer thickness too thin, the use of inferior materials, heat preservation effect is poor, buy back home, waiting to pay for it. Some manufacturer to do so, or in order to save materials, reduce the cost. 4. Some of the fermentation tank manhole 'design all have no, then you will ask,' manhole 'appear? Tanks at the time of welding, leave the manhole, the inside of the welding slag weld can't deal with, in the long run, the liquid corrosion, open welding is easy to leak, and the thickness of the tank can't see you scratching. 【 Manhole. So whether equipment more durable, perfect the more complete functions, make beer more delicious? A quality functional device is just nice craft beer brewed a pot of color, smell and taste the necessary conditions, rather than a sufficient condition. Equipment functions more perfect, just in the process of operation have a very good supporting role, the choice of raw materials, production process control, the level of the winemakers, will affect the taste of beer. About beer equipment, some content due to involving technology level, inconvenience in detail here. Advise people are thought to do well in this industry, everybody more contrast, not blindly only price, no matter what you to price, manufacturers will never loss-leader.
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