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Work each other with do beer filling machine of management maintenance

by:Trano     2020-02-24
Operators, maintenance workers, electricians and other types of work must cooperate and communicate with each other. When the maintenance worker overhauls the beer filling machine, he needs to'Equipment Maintenance in progress' Wait for the prompt version to be placed in a prominent position to prevent mistakes by operators and accidents caused by operations. The operator needs to report to the maintenance worker in time when the beer filling machine fails, and shall not repair the equipment failure without permission. In many workshops, operators repair equipment without permission and do not hang obvious repair signs, resulting in safety accidents in which operators are burned by alkaline water. By the same token, in the event of an electrical failure, it should be repaired by a professional electrician, and others are not allowed to repair themselves if they are not allowed. When repairing the beer filling machine, the electrician should also put the prompt in a prominent position to prevent other personnel from starting the equipment to cause accidents. Operators should be familiar with the operation procedures of beer filling machines, familiar with the electrical knowledge of equipment, and not allowed to do work other than their own duties to prevent safety accidents caused by reckless work.
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